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Fabric Connect Customer Research Report
5/26/2015 4:13:39 PM
This independent market research studied the impact Avaya’s networking technology, Fabric Connect (FC), has had on its customer base. It shows that all key performance indicators have been improved to some degree, but also that many common problems typically associated with running a network have actually been almost eradicated for some customers. These include an 11x faster implementation time, 100% improvement in outages due to human error and 2,553x quicker failover time.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center
5/26/2015 4:13:02 PM
The transition to a software-defined data center (SDDC) will be the most significant IT transformation since the Internet was born because it aims to bring together storage, computing and data networking. Implementing an SDDC has a profound impact on the network. This comprehensive guide from ZK Research follows the path from traditional data center to fully realized SDDC.

The Business of Speed
5/26/2015 4:12:17 PM
Almost all companies (98%) experience delays to changes and improvements to the business technology systems because they have to wait for suitable maintenance windows. It’s almost impossible for today’s networks built on 20- to 30-year-old protocols to run at today’s business speed — but that’s changing. The market is poised to turn the corner, move the main three roadblocks out of the way, and truly support the speed of business.

SDN Expectations
5/26/2015 4:11:06 PM
Software-defined networking (SDN) is a very hot topic. In Dynamic Markets’ comprehensive and quantitative 2015 survey, more than 1,400 IT professionals at large companies across 15 countries overwhelmingly (97%) expect SDN to solve at least one major network problem, including service configuration, application performance and network management, and almost all (94%) of IT professionals are at the very least currently researching SDN.

How Cloud and Mobile are Perfect Partners for UC
5/26/2015 4:03:55 PM
Communications solutions are at a tipping point today, thanks to the game-changing trends of mobile apps and cloud computing.
Until recently, growing businesses that deployed a new communications solution benefited mostly from integrating applications such as voice, presence, and IM. Employees loved the simplicity and the one-click transitions between media. CFOs reveled in the telecom savings from going all-IP. Enter private and public clouds, and managing a communications solution gets a whole lot easier. Add mobile apps and devices in the workplace, and suddenly it becomes radically more powerful and useful.

Seamless Engagement for Midsize Companies
5/26/2015 4:02:20 PM
How well connected are you, really? Growing businesses strive for consistent and constant communication between team members, business partners and customers, but feeling disconnected and neglected is a real problem. Explore how a rich, seamless environment, one that is flexible enough to allow everyone to engage where and when they need can enable effortless engagement and sacrifice nothing in the process.

A Software-Defined WAN Is a Business Imperative: It's time for the WAN to evolve!
5/14/2015 10:48:45 AM
Over the past five years there have been significant advancements in increasing the level of agility and flexibility in the data center through software defined networking (SDN). However, one part of IT that has yet to evolve and lacks flexibility is the enterprise wide-area network (WAN).

Evolving the WAN must be at the top of every IT and business leader’s priority list because organizations can only be as agile as their least agile IT component—which, today, is the WAN. If businesses are going to ever reach the level of agility required to compete in today's digital world, now is the time for the WAN to evolve into a Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN).

Analytics in the IoT: Bringing Home the Data
IoT Evolution Expo
4/30/2015 1:10:12 PM
The Internet of Things promises to reinvent the way companies run their business, develop new products and services and drive revenue. But in order to leverage the true value of the IoT, companies must understand how to parse this IoT driven data into meaningful business intelligence.

The way to do that is through strategic and powerful analytics. This whitepaper highlights the different types of data driven by IoT solutions and the steps companies need to take to ensure that the enormous amount of data that is driven by IoT devices and sensors is properly collected, analyzed and interpreted to drive valuable business intelligence.

Rethink Your Software Monetization Strategy: Subscription Licensing Models Enable Recurring Revenue and Customer Experience Advantages
Flexera Software
4/23/2015 11:01:49 AM
Rethink Your Software Monetization Strategy: Subscription Licensing Models Enable Recurring Revenue and Customer Experience Advantages
Perpetual licenses, the traditional software monetization model, continue to be a dominant model and have served the industry well. However, with the growth of SaaS and cloud, many producers are adding subscription licensing models into their existing go-to-market strategy to create predictable and recurring revenue streams. This white paper offers insight on how application producers can introduce a subscription licensing model into their software monetization strategy to maximize revenue generation and offer customers a compelling experience. Topics include:
• Definition and comparison of software monetization models
• The business case (and a myth)
• Pros and cons—from both the application producer and enterprise customer perspectives
• Operational considerations

Six Innovative Strategies Companies are using to Turn Customer Support into a Powerful Profit Center . . . While Increasing Customer Satisfaction
Clear Harbor
4/23/2015 9:51:53 AM
In 2015, customer service has become the new marketing. Online reviews are capable of driving business too—or away—from companies like never before. Innovative companies are starting to realize that the CSR’s role has become far more than simple issue resolution. They are now recognized as a direct face of the company— critical brand ambassadors, vital to customer experience.

As a result, companies are realizing the benefits of having an existing customer reach back to them, and the resulting opportunity it provides to present an outstanding customer experience, as well as a chance to entrench customer’s more deeply to the company. This report shares innovative and emerging best practices and examples for creating brand-advocates and tips to turn customer support into a revenue-generating machine.

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