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Christopher Mohr is a freelance writer in the San Diego area and writes on a variety of topics ranging from sports to technology. He has a unique perspective on sports, having participated as an athlete, fan, writer, broadcaster and official. His athletic accomplishments include completing two marathons and two sprint triathlons. For 12 years, he worked in IT as a software developer, before discovering that writing was his real passion.

Latest Articles

10/31/2014 X2O Releases Latest Version of Platform
10/31/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Strava Raises $18.5 Million in VC Funding as Fitness Industry Set for Rapid Growth
10/31/2014 Xerox Leases Property for Call Center
10/30/2014 Comcast Gearing up to Provide Fast Internet after Trademarking Name
10/29/2014 Survey: Customers Prefer Natural Responses Over Scripted Ones
10/29/2014 Google Fit App Now Available On Play
10/29/2014 Ambulance Authority in Indiana Considering Consolidating Call Center with Police, Fire Call Centers
10/29/2014 McDonald's to Use Softcard Terminals at all US Locations
10/29/2014 Verizon's Virtual Contact Center, IVR Solutions Now HIPAA-Compliant
10/28/2014 Fiber Network in Ohio Struggling to Attain Self-Sufficiency
10/28/2014 Researchers: VoLTE May Well Be the Next Wireless Juggernaut
10/27/2014 Durham Takes Matters into its own Hands When it comes to Gigabit Broadband
10/27/2014 Sparsely-Populated Arkansas County to Get High-Speed Fiber
10/24/2014 New Internet Appliance Lets Businesses Set Up Their Own UC
10/24/2014 Vocalcom Announces Cloud Call Center Solution with Easy Setup
10/23/2014 Halcyon Releases Password Reset Manger for IBM i Users
10/23/2014 Palm Beach County to Use VoIP and UC Communications
10/23/2014 Vulnerability Shows How Quickly Cybercriminals Act to Deploy Exploit Kit
10/23/2014 HP Rumored to Reveal New Sprout Touchscreen Device Next Week
10/22/2014 Improving Call Center Performance Means Adapting to Changes in Technology, Customers
10/22/2014 Beacon Technology Improves the Air Travel Customer Experience
10/22/2014 Report Says NFC Market will reach $20 Billion in Four Years
10/22/2014 Verizon 3Q Earnings up on Strength of Postpaid Service Subscribers and M2M
10/21/2014 Samsung's Galaxy Mega 2 to be Released this Week
10/20/2014 Gmail 5.0 for Android to Support Email from Non-Google Accounts, One of Many New Features in Lollipop
10/20/2014 G.fast Cabling Offers Good Intermediate Solution for Areas Where FTTH is not Feasible
10/20/2014 Fleet Managers Turning to Telematics to Save on Insurance Costs
10/20/2014 Grover Beach Approves Engineering and Design Plans for Fiber Network
10/20/2014 U.S. Internet Sees Gigabit Fiber Rollout in Twin Cities by 2020
10/20/2014 European Fleet Management Market to See Growth and Consolidation Next Few Years
10/17/2014 Steady Growth Expected in Web Conferencing Services in India for Next Four Years
10/16/2014 Apple Rumored to Discontinue Sales of FitBit Devices in its Stores
10/15/2014 Sonus Announces Enhancements to SBC Product Line that Provide Interoperability and Simplify Operations
10/15/2014 Philips and Radboud University Develop Wearable Prototype to Monitor COPD Patients Continuously
10/15/2014 Co-Browsing Tools Take Online Customer Service to a Higher Level
10/15/2014 Super-Fast Internet Comes to Rural Vermont - But is it Really the Fastest?
10/15/2014 Report: Companies Spending More of their Mobile Ad Budgets on Video
10/14/2014 Consulting Firm Finds That Google Now is Best Knowledge Box for Mobile Market
10/14/2014 If You Want the Fastest Internet in the US, Go to Vermont
10/13/2014 Small Colorado Mountain Town Finally Gets Broadband
10/10/2014 Xmetrics Device Helps Swimmers Train More Productively
10/10/2014 Facebook Rumored to be Developing Mobile App that Lets Users Operate under Assumed Names
10/10/2014 VoIP Users Should Find out how Their Provider Supports 911 Before They Need It
10/09/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Square Valued at $6 Billion
10/09/2014 Online Retail Sales Expected to be $1.3 Trillion in 2014
10/08/2014 Increased Complexity in Enterprise IT Environments Requires Improved Security Techniques
10/08/2014 Romanian Hackers Attack Yahoo over the Weekend
10/08/2014 Plug-in Device and Service Notifies Drivers when Automobile Needs Servicing
10/08/2014 Facebook Messenger Already has Code for Payments Feature
10/07/2014 There are Now More Active Mobile Devices than People on Earth
10/06/2014 Major Companies Turning to FlipHTML5 to Promote Products
10/06/2014 Investigation into Government Corruption with Software Licensing Begins in Romania
10/06/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Navdy Overwhelmed by Demand for New Head-Up Display
10/06/2014 WebSafety App Allows Parents to Monitor Activity of Children on Mobile Devices
10/03/2014 Vonage App Update Allows Customers Full Use of Service through Smartphones
10/02/2014 Clarity Consulting Releases Latest Version of Connect to Streamline Customer Support
10/02/2014 Comings & Goings: PCTEL Selects Dolezal as New Chief Marketing Officer, Expects Rapid Growth
10/01/2014 Philippine City Government Replaces Landlines with IP Phones, Expects Big Savings in Monthly Costs
10/01/2014 Ad Campaigns Face New Scrutiny After Thomas v. Taco Bell Decision
10/01/2014 Companies Using Legacy Phone Systems are Losing Their Competitive Edge
09/30/2014 Keek Rebrands after Passing 70 Million User Mark, but Still Has a Long Way to Go
09/30/2014 Construction Equipment Company Uses Call Center Solution to Improve Customer Experience
09/29/2014 Insight Genesis Lets Vessel Operators Crowdsource through Uploaded Sonar Data
09/26/2014 Missouri City Explores Offering Broadband Service, Gets Resistance from Local Provider
09/25/2014 Buyers' Market for Hosted IP/PBX May be Shifting to Suppliers' Side
09/25/2014 VoIP Provider 'VoIP Much' Lowers Rates, But Will it Help?
09/25/2014 Open Source Critical to Faster, More Reliable M2M Deployment
09/25/2014 More Companies Turning to Big Data to Help Make Critical Decisions
09/24/2014 Gap Between Customer Demand and Logistics Opening Opportunities for 3PL Providers
09/24/2014 VoLTE Expected to Grow Rapidly the Next Five Years
09/24/2014 Verizon's Advanced Calling Coincides with iPhone 6 Release, Could Change How Calls are Made
09/24/2014 New Global SIM from AT&T Supports Variety of Devices, Can be Used Anywhere
09/23/2014 Research Firm Highlights Need for Standardization in Home Automation Market
09/23/2014 Chinese Censorship of Internet Hampering Country's Future Economic Strength
09/19/2014 Mobile Internet Down? Software Most Likely Culprit, Says Report
09/17/2014 Wi-Fi Calling Gains Support Among Major Wireless Providers
09/17/2014 TODO Project Created to Centralize Open Source Development
09/17/2014 Apple to Hold Back on Making NFC Available to iOS App Developers
09/12/2014 SafeLink Health Solutions' Texting Program Expanded to Puerto Rico
09/12/2014 Certero Updates iAssetStudio Software Asset Management Solution
09/12/2014 There's More to IP PBX than Efficiency and Flexibility: It Can Retain Customers Too
09/12/2014 New FlexNet Manager Suite Handles Cloud and On-Premises Software License Management
09/10/2014 Dish Network's Interest in Acquiring T-Mobile Growing as Market for Satellite, Internet and Content Consolidates
09/10/2014 NetSfere Addresses Third-Party Chat App Usage to Share Sensitive Enterprise Documents
09/10/2014 New 'Connected Transportation Solutions' Automates Many Passenger Train Services
09/10/2014 Ferrari FF Becomes First Automobile Delivered with Apple CarPlay
09/09/2014 Adobe's Primetime DRM Platform to Support HTML5-Sign of Industry Shift away from Plugins
09/08/2014 Apple Upgrading NFC Scanners in Stores and Disney Stores-Other Retailers Likely to Follow
09/05/2014 New NetFront BE Browser from ACCESS Offers Extensive HTML5 Support
09/05/2014 GL Announces New T1E1 Line-Monitoring Equipment
09/04/2014 Gigabit-Level Internet Service from AT&T Scheduled to Arrive in St. Louis in 2015
08/29/2014 Cloud-based Call Market Predicted to More than Double to $10.9B in Next Five Years
08/29/2014 Fortemedia Voice Technology on Acer Machines Now Lync and Skype Certified
08/29/2014 Will Apple Include VoLTE Support in Upcoming iPhone 6? Job Listings Suggest it Might
08/28/2014 JCPenney Makes Comeback After Revamping Customer Service
08/25/2014 HTML5 Offers Several Advantages as a Development Platform Tool
08/21/2014 Comings & Goings: Hesse Takes over as Interim VP at Mitek
08/20/2014 Allied Payment Network to Use Top Image Systems' Technology in PicturePay Solution
08/15/2014 T-Mobile to Crackdown on Unlimited Data Users Breaking Terms & Conditions
08/14/2014 Wearable Device Developed by Michigan Bioengineers Would Improve Disease Detection

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