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Christopher Mohr is a freelance writer in the San Diego area and writes on a variety of topics ranging from sports to technology. He has a unique perspective on sports, having participated as an athlete, fan, writer, broadcaster and official. His athletic accomplishments include completing two marathons and two sprint triathlons. For 12 years, he worked in IT as a software developer, before discovering that writing was his real passion.

Latest Articles

09/22/2014 Chinese Censorship of Internet Hampering Country's Future Economic Strength
09/19/2014 Mobile Internet Down? Software Most Likely Culprit, Says Report
09/17/2014 Wi-Fi Calling Gains Support Among Major Wireless Providers
09/17/2014 TODO Project Created to Centralize Open Source Development
09/17/2014 Apple to Hold Back on Making NFC Available to iOS App Developers
09/12/2014 SafeLink Health Solutions' Texting Program Expanded to Puerto Rico
09/12/2014 Certero Updates iAssetStudio Software Asset Management Solution
09/12/2014 There's More to IP PBX than Efficiency and Flexibility: It Can Retain Customers Too
09/12/2014 New FlexNet Manager Suite Handles Cloud and On-Premises Software License Management
09/10/2014 Dish Network's Interest in Acquiring T-Mobile Growing as Market for Satellite, Internet and Content Consolidates
09/10/2014 NetSfere Addresses Third-Party Chat App Usage to Share Sensitive Enterprise Documents
09/10/2014 New 'Connected Transportation Solutions' Automates Many Passenger Train Services
09/10/2014 Ferrari FF Becomes First Automobile Delivered with Apple CarPlay
09/09/2014 Adobe's Primetime DRM Platform to Support HTML5-Sign of Industry Shift away from Plugins
09/08/2014 Apple Upgrading NFC Scanners in Stores and Disney Stores-Other Retailers Likely to Follow
09/05/2014 New NetFront BE Browser from ACCESS Offers Extensive HTML5 Support
09/05/2014 GL Announces New T1E1 Line-Monitoring Equipment
09/04/2014 Gigabit-Level Internet Service from AT&T Scheduled to Arrive in St. Louis in 2015
08/29/2014 Cloud-based Call Market Predicted to More than Double to $10.9B in Next Five Years
08/29/2014 Fortemedia Voice Technology on Acer Machines Now Lync and Skype Certified
08/29/2014 Will Apple Include VoLTE Support in Upcoming iPhone 6? Job Listings Suggest it Might
08/28/2014 JCPenney Makes Comeback After Revamping Customer Service
08/25/2014 HTML5 Offers Several Advantages as a Development Platform Tool
08/21/2014 Comings & Goings: Hesse Takes over as Interim VP at Mitek
08/20/2014 Allied Payment Network to Use Top Image Systems' Technology in PicturePay Solution
08/15/2014 T-Mobile to Crackdown on Unlimited Data Users Breaking Terms & Conditions
08/14/2014 Wearable Device Developed by Michigan Bioengineers Would Improve Disease Detection
08/13/2014 Comprehensive Report Shows Positive Trends in Employee Engagement
08/13/2014 Burlington, NC Facing Uphill Battle in Attracting Gigabit-Level Broadband
08/12/2014 Fantasy Sports League Launches Platform for Money Leagues
08/12/2014 Call Centers Coming back to US from Overseas
08/07/2014 T-Mobile Now Top Provider in US Prepaid Mobile Phone Service Market
08/05/2014 Mozilla Data Sanitization Process May Have Put Developers' Login Info at Risk
08/05/2014 Avtec Unveils Compatibility Testing Program for Logging Systems
07/29/2014 Tennessee Bank Adds Mobile Deposit Capture Feature
07/28/2014 Facebook Answers Critics, May be Positioned to Challenge Google
07/24/2014 Three Franchises Expected to Get Approval to Install Internet Cable in Louisville Metro
07/23/2014 Video Conferencing Expected to Be Preferred Communication Method in Two Years
07/22/2014 Installation of Improved Fiber-Optic Cable to Virginia Communities Delayed
07/17/2014 Russian Engineering Firm Improves Efficiency Through BPM
07/16/2014 U.S. Government Neutralizes CryptoLocker, but Battle against Ransomware Not Over
07/16/2014 Cloud Technology, Gamification and Social Media Headline Current Trends in Call Center Technology
07/16/2014 Longmont, Colo. Utility Chooses TCS to Install Gigabit Fiber-Optic Cable
07/16/2014 Insurance Industry Innovating to Better Serve Millennial Customer Base
07/15/2014 New HTML5 Tool Converts PDFs to Online Publications
07/14/2014 Momentum for Cloud-Based Call Centers Continues to Grow
07/14/2014 Comings and Goings: Runk to Become Executive VP of Field Operations at NetApp
07/14/2014 Grandstream Beta Club Offering New Testing Opportunity to Qualified Applicants for $1
07/09/2014 Healthy Home Company Buys OneBode from American Green
07/09/2014 Fleet Management Systems to Experience Rapid Growth in Russia, Eastern Europe Through 2018
07/01/2014 Riverside County to Add New Jail in 2017: Use Video Conferencing Instead of In-Person Visits
07/01/2014 Will California's Legalization of Bitcoin Eventually Lead to Regulation?
06/25/2014 Combination of HTML5 and JavaScript an Emerging Option
06/24/2014 HTML5-JavaScript Combo an Emerging Option for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development
06/17/2014 GHash's Sustained Mining Power Deals Blow to Bitcoin's Claims of Decentralization
06/04/2014 IT Departments Still Accountable When Outsourcing to the Cloud
06/04/2014 Crisis Call Center Relying on Teen Volunteers as Calls Increase Nationally
05/30/2014 Cisco Investing More in Cloud Technology as 'Internet of Everything' Expected to Become Next Technological Boom
05/29/2014 Federal Government's Rising Software Licensing Costs Parallel Similar Problems in Private Sector
05/29/2014 du to Use IMS from Nokia Across Its Network
05/29/2014 Communicating Online, In Context
05/27/2014 Videxio Upgrades Service for Microsoft Lync Users
05/21/2014 Google Hangouts Plugin Allows Direct Access from Outlook
05/15/2014 Alert Logic Releases End-to-End Security for Azure
05/15/2014 Babolat Releases High Tech Racquet that Tracks how you Play Tennis
05/14/2014 Anonymizing Technology Causes DOJ to Seek Changes in 'Access' Rules
05/14/2014 North Dakota's Economic Prosperity Leads to Spike in Utility Calls
05/08/2014 Netcomm Responds to Growing Demand for M2M with New Router Series
05/07/2014 Why Telecom Expense Management has Become a Billion Dollar Industry
05/01/2014 IBM Releases New Apps for its MobileFirst Portfolio
05/01/2014 Wheelings and Dealings: SOLS Receives Funding for 3D Print Orthotics
04/28/2014 Accusoft Releases New Document Viewer: Will PDFs Become Obsolete?
04/25/2014 What Does the Future Hold for IMS?
04/24/2014 Netflix Opens Viewer Options with TiVo Integration
04/23/2014 Relay2 Offers Compelling WLAN Solution in the Cloud
04/21/2014 Orange Health Solutions' Acquisition of MZI HealthCare Represents Shift to Value-Based Care
04/21/2014 Lattice to Provide Chips for Google Modular Phones
04/16/2014 Text Control to Release New HTML5 Editor Later in 2014
04/16/2014 Improving Call Hold Times and IVR Can Prevent Customer Exodus
04/10/2014 Nexidia Solution Part of Booming Customer Analytics Market
04/10/2014 File Sharing Becomes More User Friendly with Sitedrop
04/10/2014 Hangouts' Screen-sharing, VoIP Features Creating Competition
04/09/2014 Sri Lanka Telecom to Deliver 100Mbps Broadband to Residents
04/09/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Infosim-Intergence Partnership Highlights Growth of Unified Network Management Market
04/03/2014 Smart Grid Market Set for Explosive Growth in Next Decade
04/03/2014 Award-winning HGTV Smart Home Points to Future Filled with Automated Homes
04/01/2014 NiQ Health Solution Reduces 'Alarm Fatigue' among Nursing Staff
04/01/2014 Couchbase's International Expansion Sign of Popularity of NoSQL Databases
03/31/2014 In Spite of Popularity, Not All Businesses Moving to the Cloud-Yet
03/26/2014 Will Brid.tv Become the Next YouTube?
03/24/2014 Survey: Five out of Six Businesses Not Adequately Protected Against Cyberattacks
03/21/2014 Coming Solution Combines Strengths of RunMyProcess, MongoDB NoSQL Database
03/20/2014 New Program from Mitel Lets Resellers Rebrand Its UCaaS Solutions
03/17/2014 Starbucks to Release Updated Mobile App March 19
03/17/2014 Sharjah Islamic Bank Chooses Servion to Provide CIM Solution
03/17/2014 Keeping Your Information Secure: Don't Rely on Any One Thing
03/14/2014 N.Y. Woman Sues Google over So-called 'Bait Apps'
03/13/2014 Jabra 900 Series of Headsets Adds Bluetooth Support
03/13/2014 Ericsson to Provide Mobile Device Support for 2015 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
03/07/2014 Convergence 2014 Conference Keynote: It's all about the Customer

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