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Joe Rizzo has been involved in technology for nearly 30 years. Whether taking on building out PC Magazine’s networking labs infrastructure back in the heyday of PC computing in the late 80s and early 90s, or providing network consulting services in and around New York City, he’s had his hand on tech-related stuff for seemingly forever. These days, in addition to still playing the tech guy he also manages a couple of APA league pool teams and he can be found every Monday and Tuesday nights at NYC’s Bleecker Bar where he dreams of getting to Las Vegas and winning a championship.

Latest Articles

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02/26/2015 Vuzix and Pristine Partner to Offer Optimized Smart Glasses Technology for Enterprises
02/26/2015 The Four Pillar Evolution to Next Generation Digital Services
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02/25/2015 Wearable Market will Soar to $80 Billion
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02/25/2015 Students Forced From Dorms Due To Cold-Related Power Outage
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02/21/2015 Transforming Network Infrastructure Week in Review: Zhone, CIR, Coriant
02/21/2015 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Radisys, Sonus, Matrix
02/20/2015 Smarter IT Management Leads to Big Savings for Intel
02/19/2015 Vestique Selects Springboard Retail for POS and Retail Management
02/18/2015 RootMetrics Review: Verizon and At&T Top List
02/14/2015 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Vocalcom, TrueConf, Jupiter Systems
02/13/2015 First Contextual Marketing Platform is Launched by hybris
02/12/2015 Communication and Collaboration Market Continues to Expand Thanks to Disruptive Technologies
02/10/2015 Thyfon Launches Celfon for B2B Customers
02/09/2015 Cablevision Offers Wi-Fi-Exclusive Phone Service with Freewheel
02/09/2015 Dell'Oro Group Predicts Service Provider Router Market to Exceed $11.5 Billon in Four Years
02/07/2015 NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: OneAccess, Ericsson, OpenDaylight
02/07/2015 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: NTT Communications, Bright Pattern, SightCall
02/04/2015 2015 Senior Wearables Predictions
02/03/2015 Samsung Revitalizes Voice and Messaging Services to Enhance Collaboration
02/03/2015 Businesses Lose $4 Million a Year Due to Technology and Network Downtime
02/03/2015 New Suite Simplifies Enterprise Mobility Management
02/02/2015 Verizon Wireless Will Allow Full Opt Out of Mobile Supercookies
01/31/2015 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Firefox, Voice4Net, 3CX, Voxbone
01/31/2015 NFV & SDN Zone Week in Review: Net Neutrality, Dialogic, Global Capacity
01/30/2015 Expect to See a 40 Percent Increase in Wireless LAN Market
01/30/2015 4G LTE Field Trial Conducted by Alcatel-Lucent and the Mexican Government
01/29/2015 The Role of Location Services in Real Time Communications
01/28/2015 Outbound SMS Capabilities Added to Voxbone's Mobile DID Numbers
01/28/2015 Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Results for AudioCodes
01/27/2015 Appery.io Launches Enhancements to Streamline Mobile Development
01/27/2015 Sigfox Operator Aerea Strikes M2M Deal with Tele2 in the Netherlands
01/27/2015 Can Net Neutrality be a Win/Win Scenario? Saisei is a Company That Believes it Can
01/22/2015 Transformation of Data Center Switch will be Seen Through 25GE and 50GE
01/21/2015 New Forecast Shows LTE Macro and Small Cell RAN Market to Exceed $24 Billion by 2019
01/21/2015 Tips for MDM in the Enterprise
01/20/2015 Will WhatsApp VoIP Find Success in the Developing World?
01/19/2015 Progress Releases New Cloud Mobile Development Features in Telerik Platform
01/19/2015 Next Step to 5G Taken in UK by Ofcom
01/17/2015 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Firefox, Voice4Net, 3CX, Voxbone
01/16/2015 No Longer in Beta, Switch Creates the First Business Phone System for Google Apps
01/15/2015 Text Messaging Sees Success as Mobile Recruitment Tool
01/15/2015 Strategies for Mobile Marketing
01/15/2015 Investments Focus on Wireless as FCC Discussions on Net Neutrality Impede Wireline Broadband
01/14/2015 AirVM's Cloud Marketplace Platform Selected by Global Access to Manage Infrastructure-as-a-Service
01/14/2015 Enterprise Session Border Controller Market on the Rise
01/13/2015 2014 Saw 360 LTE Commercial Deployments, LTE-A Set to Double in 2015
01/13/2015 Top Priority for Consumers and Merchants is Mobile Payment Security
01/13/2015 Global Market for Voice Over Mobile Broadband Will See Significant Growth by 2018
01/12/2015 Didn't See That Coming: Sailboat Causes Widespread Power Outage
01/10/2015 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: AT&T, Firefox, Brekeke Software
01/09/2015 Should Service Providers Charge Extra for VoIP?
01/09/2015 Number of UK TVs Drops Dramatically; Broadband Rises Significantly
01/08/2015 Advantages of Switching to a VoIP Telephone Provider
01/07/2015 Intel's Button-Sized Module is Capable of Powering Future Wearables
01/06/2015 Keep Your Children Safe and Healthy with Fashionable Safety Wearable
01/06/2015 Accessory for Google Glass Provides Thermal Vision
01/05/2015 Head Mounted Display Converts Smartphones to Augmented Reality Devices
12/31/2014 BaubleBar Wins 2014 Customer Engagement Award
12/30/2014 Lessons Learned From Call Analytics
12/29/2014 Is Gamification a Good Motivator for Your Team?
12/23/2014 Gigabit Network Speed Becomes Affordable Thanks to Yealink
12/23/2014 Bringing Mobile Coverage to the Most Remote Parts of the World
12/22/2014 Mobile Predictions for 2015
12/19/2014 Improving Transaction Monitoring Fraud Detection with Voice Biometrics
12/18/2014 Prepaid Billing in the Telecom Sphere is Changing
12/17/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: The Ball is in Motion for BT to Acquire EE
12/16/2014 Equipment Market for C-RAN Architecture to Top $10 billion by 2018
12/16/2014 EXFO Offers Intelligent and Automated Optical Cable Certifier for Data Centers
12/11/2014 Intel Plans $1.6 Billion Investment to Upgrade China Chip Plant
12/10/2014 New Mobile Experts Report Details Adoption Forecast for LTE-Advanced
12/10/2014 Verizon Already Switching to All-LTE Connectivity, So the Rumor Goes
12/10/2014 Remote Support Software Gets a Makeover with ISL Light 4
12/10/2014 Tablet Ownership is the Fastest Growing Connected Device
12/10/2014 Silicon Valley Has New Dell 'Internet of Things' Lab
12/06/2014 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Mozilla, Orange, Oracle
12/05/2014 Frontier Communications Honored for Keeping Lines Open Despite Wildfires
12/05/2014 Text Messaging Enters the Net Neutrality Battle
12/05/2014 Lead Generation: Still a Challenge in a Mobile World
12/04/2014 New Pyramid Research Report Identifies Key Pricing Schemes Pursued by Operators
12/03/2014 Bit6 Adds PSTN Interoperability to SDKs
12/03/2014 Olea Networks Connects Austin Trail of Lights Festival
12/02/2014 Cynaps Mint, the World's First 3D Printed Bone Conduction Headset
12/02/2014 Google Glass Gets a Push in the Workplace with Help from Intel
12/02/2014 Intel Delves into the World of Wearables with Google Glass Deal
12/01/2014 Motive Customer Experience Management Enables Virtualized Device Security Service
12/01/2014 A Closer Look at the Global VoLTE Market Ahead
11/25/2014 Including Call Analytics in Your Reports Could Lead to Bigger Opportunities
11/24/2014 Software Maintenance Fees Imply You Get What You Pay For, But is This a Contradiction in Terms?
11/22/2014 WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Mozilla, Group Rummo, Tiscali
11/21/2014 Taqua's Virtual Mobile Core Completes over Two Billion IMS-based Mobile Voice Calls
11/21/2014 Annual Mobile Operator Costs Could Pass $800 Billion Mark
11/21/2014 Mobility is a Strategic Initiative for Field Service Organizations Next Year
11/20/2014 Is the Web Browser on its Last Legs?
11/19/2014 Third Party Developers Get the Green Light for Android Auto

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