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Carlos Olivera is a TMCnet Content Producer. After graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in Journalism, Carlos pursued a career as a senior sports writer. To further expand his interest in technology, as a TMCnet Content Producer, Carlos now covers a broad range of topics in the telecommunications space.

Latest Articles

02/27/2013 New San Francisco 49ers Stadium to Be Greenest in the NFL
02/23/2013 TMCnet SIP trunking Week in Review
02/23/2013 TMCnet Hosted IVR Week in Review
02/23/2013 TMCnet Enterprise Solutions Week in Review
02/22/2013 184 Year Old Indian Library Offers Some of its Rarest Documents in Digital Form
02/22/2013 Colo Atl Welcomed into Allied Fiber's Dark Fiber Community
02/21/2013 Flickr Releases New iOS Update Improving Photo Saving and Social Tagging
02/20/2013 Audible Announces iPhone App Upgrade and Launches First iPad App
02/20/2013 BBC Sport Launches Android Supported App
02/19/2013 New Twitter Update to TweetDeck Features Four Column Filters
02/19/2013 AMC Health Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary
02/19/2013 Woobleworks Set to Unveil World's First 3D Pen
02/19/2013 FIFA Finally Announces it Will Use Goal-line Technology at 2014 World Cup
02/19/2013 Anonymous Hacktivists Hack Burger King Twitter, Post Under 'McDonalds'
02/16/2013 TMCnet SIP Trunking Week in Review
02/16/2013 TMCnet Hosted IVR Week in Review
02/16/2013 TMCnet Enterprise Solutions Week in Review
02/15/2013 Fitbit One: New Generation of Wearable Technologies
02/14/2013 Ebay to Hire Hundreds of More Workers Overseas
02/14/2013 Kirklees Implements BYOD Approach to Drive Down Costs
02/14/2013 Slacker Radio Revamps Platform with New features
02/14/2013 Vocabulary Scores High with Zynga's Annual Valentine's Day Poll
02/13/2013 Shaw to Offer Customers Free Mobile NBA League Pass App on Shaw Go
02/13/2013 NFL Star Partners with Reebok to Tackle Concussions Head On
02/12/2013 Nike Pulls the Plug on Nike+ FuelBand Android App
02/12/2013 Microsoft Hopes to Unveil Interactive TV by End of 2013
02/11/2013 Myanmar Denies Being Involved in Hacking Scheme
02/11/2013 ABB Robotics Unveils RoboScreen for Commercial and Entertainment Use
02/11/2013 Apple Experimenting with New Wearable Technologies
02/09/2013 TMCnet Enterprise Solutions Week in Review
02/09/2013 TMCnet Hosted IVR Week in Review
02/09/2013 TMCnet SIP Trunking Week in Review
02/08/2013 Importance of the Fax During National Signing Day
02/08/2013 Ex-President Bush is Latest Victim in Hacking Scheme
02/08/2013 Facebook Connect Glitch Shuts Down Major Websites
02/06/2013 Texting Really Does Pay Off
02/06/2013 Datapod iPod App Enhances Industry Services
02/06/2013 Black Hills Federal Credit First to Implement IMMs TIC 2.0 Technology
02/06/2013 Wearable Tech: Mobile Test Shows if You're Ready for Your Workout
02/06/2013 Google Comes Out Victorious in Case vs. ACCC
02/05/2013 To Boost Development, Amazon to Give Away Millions of Virtual Coins
02/05/2013 Frost & Sullivan Uncovers need For New Cancer Testing
02/05/2013 Dyson to Introduce New Greener, Cost Effective Hand Dryer
02/04/2013 Google Glass to Use New Bone Conduction Headphones
02/04/2013 Memes Steal the Show at Super Bowl
02/04/2013 Hackers Gain Access to 250,000 Twitter Accounts
02/04/2013 HiViz Field, Stadium Believes its 'Green' Lighting Solution Could've Prevented Super Bowl Power Outage
02/02/2013 TMCnet Session Border Controller Week in Review
02/02/2013 TMCnet SIP Trunking Week in Review
02/02/2013 TMCnet Hosted IVR Week in Review
02/01/2013 Amiigo Unveils New Fitness Device Designed to Make Workouts SMARTER
01/31/2013 Sierra Nevada Partners with Lockheed Martin to Continue Development on Dream Chaser
01/31/2013 ITEXPO Miami: EION Launches New StarAccess Dual Band Wi-Fi
01/31/2013 White Castle Now Offering Mobile Coupon Alerts through Text Service
01/31/2013 TriZetto Experienced Healthcare Solutions Records with New Contracts in 2012
01/31/2013 Catapult to Introduce New Indoor GPS Tracking Sensors for Athletes
01/30/2013 ITEXPO Miami: Webhosting.net to Attend ITEXPO Miami 2013
01/29/2013 Sangoma Showcases New Line of SBCs in Miami
01/29/2013 Broadcom StrataConnect VoIP Switch SoC Makes Official Debut
01/29/2013 American Student Uses Google Earth to Spy on North Korea
01/28/2013 REVE Systems to Showcase New Hybrid Mobile App at ITEXPO Miami
01/28/2013 Successful Latin American Company Heads to ITEXPO Miami 2013
01/26/2013 TMCnet Enterprise Solutions Week in Review
01/26/2013 TMCnet Hosted IVR Week in Review
01/25/2013 Nursefinders Opens Up Its Newest Location in the Heart of New England
01/25/2013 iRobot Gets FDA Approval for Hospital Robot Use in America
01/24/2013 Twitter Announces Partnership with Vine: Allows Users to Share Short Looping Videos
01/24/2013 Toyota and BMW Working on New Lithium-Air battery For Greener Driving
01/24/2013 Toshiba Expands VIPedge System For Up To 500 Users in A Single or Multi-Site Deployment
01/23/2013 JouleX Announces Major Record Revenue Growth for 2012
01/23/2013 IK Multimedia Unveils iLoud, First Portable Speakers for Mobile Musicians
01/21/2013 MasterCard to Make U.S. EMV Migration Easier
01/21/2013 TMCnet Hosted IVR Week in Review
01/21/2013 TMCnet Enterprise Solutions Week in Review
01/19/2013 TMCnet SIP Trunking Week in Review
01/18/2013 Navman Wireless Challenges Thinking on Vehicle CO2 Reduction
01/18/2013 CyberPower Systems Joins VMware TAP Program
01/18/2013 Auris Wins 2012 Product of the Year Award for Wholesale Platform
01/18/2013 First Kodak Camera S1 Set for Release During the Third Quarter of 2013
01/17/2013 OptiXsoft and Agizer Partner to Unveil Fiberizer Cloud for Improved Fiber-Optic Management
01/17/2013 Momo, Real Life Where's Waldo Dog Taking Instagram by Storm
01/17/2013 Online Fax Offers Distinct Advantages over Traditional Fax Machines
01/17/2013 AT&T to Allow Free FaceTime over Network Coverage, But Not for Unlimited Data Users
01/17/2013 Flu Outbreak Puts Everyone on High Alert
01/17/2013 Facebook Unveils Free Voice Calling through Messenger for iPhone Users
01/17/2013 Twitter to Follow Facebook and Open Up an Office in Brazil
01/16/2013 VIOTECH's Unveils My eHome, Multi-Play Solution for the Home
01/16/2013 Panasonic's Variety of Technology Helps Boost Collaborative Business Efforts
01/16/2013 Faulty GPS Tracking System Leads Lost Cell Phone Users to Wrong Location
01/16/2013 How Unified Communications Will Grow in 2013
01/15/2013 New App Roximity Locates Coupons While You Drive
01/15/2013 Possible New Skype Text Scam
01/15/2013 Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games to Unveil Futuristic Torch
01/15/2013 Where is the VoIP Switch Space Headed?
01/15/2013 WSU Unveils Autonomous Underwater Vehicle with Robotic Gripper at RoboSub Competition
01/14/2013 NRA Releases 'Practice Range' Shooting App Amid Gun-Control Talks with Congress
01/14/2013 Vice President Joe Biden Voices Interest in New Technology to Help with Gun Control
01/14/2013 McDonald's to Install DNA Intruder Spray Security Systems
01/14/2013 Instagram Loses Millions of Users Days before New Policy Changes to Take Effect
01/14/2013 Online Streaming Continues to Make Cable TV Stronger

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