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Tara Seals has over 15 years experience as a journalist and editor in the communications and technology space. She is also a regular contributor to a range of industry publications and has deep background in mobile networks and infrastructure, devices and applications; and video infrastructure, content and broadcast models.

Latest Articles

01/23/2015 Industrial Systems PLCs Set for Worldwide Growth
01/23/2015 Kim Dotcom Soldiers On with 'NSA-Proof' Skype-Killer
01/23/2015 Voxbone Traffic Spikes by a Third
01/23/2015 Flash Zero-Day Flaw Opens Up Millions of PCs to Hijacking
01/23/2015 Tips for Data Management for Healthcare.gov
01/22/2015 Corporate Video Usage Widens and Gets Creative
01/22/2015 Google Glass, Microsoft and Magic Leap Look to Dominate Augmented Reality
01/21/2015 A Crowded Video Conferencing Market Makes Corporate Decisions Tough
01/21/2015 Interop Debuts IMS-as-a-Service
01/21/2015 Google Translate Preps Instant Speech-to-Text Translation
01/20/2015 Video Conferencing Gets Cloudy, Mobile and Personal
01/20/2015 Meet Ito, the WebRTC Bot for Slack
01/16/2015 White House's Sweeping Cybersecurity Package Already Sparks Debate
01/16/2015 Mozilla Updates Firefox Hello
01/15/2015 Student Software Editions are Cheaper, but Beware Commercial Use Restrictions
01/14/2015 Globetrotting Software Can Be a Legal Nightmare
01/14/2015 Avoiding Common HTML5 Coding Mistakes
01/13/2015 WebRTC Headlines Top 2015 Business Phone Trends
01/13/2015 The Cloud Effect: Making Data Stewardship More Effective
01/13/2015 Avoiding Common Multitasking Pitfalls
01/13/2015 Video Conferencing Needs Ubiquity
01/12/2015 Major Fashion Retailers Named in Smart Shirt Suit
01/12/2015 Test Case: Bharti Airtel Starts Charging Extra for VoIP Calls
01/09/2015 CES: 4K Gets Ready for Its Close-up
01/09/2015 Acision Kicks Off WebRTC App Development Contest
01/09/2015 Video Collaboration Boosts Productivity of Workers
01/09/2015 Innovative VoIP Leaders Focus on Richer Communictions
01/09/2015 Turning Smartphone Addiction into Productivity
01/06/2015 Workflow Flexibility is Central to Digital Asset Management
01/05/2015 Video Conferencing for Verticals: A Cloud-based Webcast/Conferencing Hybrid Targets Enterprises
12/30/2014 Cloud Education: Get Ready for 2015 with Great Reads
12/29/2014 Being Customer-Centric Means Being Employee-First
12/29/2014 Successful Customer Service Strategies Hinge on Measurement
12/29/2014 Microsoft Developer Licensing Administration Can Save Big Bucks
12/29/2014 Websites Gear Up to Improve Customer Experience in 2015
12/29/2014 Truly Wireless Offers VoIP-Like Enterprise Calling-via Cellular
12/24/2014 Let it Snow - While UC Bolsters Business Continuity
12/23/2014 Illinois Eavesdropping Bill Garners Controversy
12/23/2014 ZTE Debuts Voice-controlled Star 2 with China Mobile RCS Support
12/22/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Carbonite to Acquire MailStore
12/22/2014 Managed Video Services Gain Momentum
12/22/2014 Dynamsoft Expands HTML5 Support for Document Scanning SDK
12/22/2014 Hosted UC Requirements Offer a Chance to Take Market Share
12/22/2014 Intel Talks Up its Internet of Things Strategy
12/19/2014 Integrated Wi-Fi-Cellular Roaming Boosts Monetization
12/18/2014 Videoconferencing Market in Flux as Cloud Options Gain Steam
12/17/2014 2014 Was the Year of the Data Breach, But 2015 Could Be Worse
12/16/2014 UCaaS Gives Voice Services Fresh Life
12/16/2014 Dell Goes Brite Box with MidoNet for Open Networking
12/15/2014 Wheelings and Dealings: BCS Global to Acquire Video Guidance
12/15/2014 Amazon Opens HTML5 App Support for Fire TV Devices
12/12/2014 Big Data Offers Business Value - with the Right Tools
12/12/2014 Employee Autonomy is Critical for World-Class Customer Support
12/11/2014 The 'Unstoppable' Era of Cloud TV
12/11/2014 Top Minds Vexed: Harvard Sees Mysterious, Widespread Wi-Fi Outage
12/10/2014 HBO CTO Resigns Amid Streaming Platform Shakeup
12/10/2014 Move Over, LTE: 5G begins Formal Standards Process
12/10/2014 Survey: One-fifth of Workers Steal from Employers
12/10/2014 Mobile Backhaul Poised for Major Investment in Next Five Years
12/05/2014 LogMeIn Goes Multilingual with Real-Time Chat Translation
12/05/2014 CoreOS Launches a Rocket in App Container Move
12/05/2014 Ubiquitous Video Will Mark UC Deployments in 2015
12/04/2014 Open-Source Sees Rapid Growth in the Cloud Market
12/03/2014 'Third-Platform' Innovation to Dominate 2015 Opportunities
12/03/2014 Power Lessons: Thanksgiving Nor'easter Wallops East Coast
12/03/2014 VoIP 'Crypto' Phones Can Be Fooled by Voice Impersonation
12/03/2014 Peer-to-Peer Architecture Could Save Streaming Video
11/25/2014 Smart Data Insights Drive Real-time, Contextual Contact
11/25/2014 BackOffice Associates Targets Big Data with Info-Management Platform
11/25/2014 VoLTE Growth Drives 2014 VoIP Market
11/25/2014 Pentagon Considers Dragging 1980s Video Conferencing Systems into IP Era
11/21/2014 Aereo Files for Bankruptcy
11/21/2014 Video: The Next Lead-Generation Frontier
11/21/2014 Faxing Needs Special Attention in VoIP and UC Migrations
11/14/2014 GL Debuts High-Density Network Call Simulator
11/14/2014 Facebook May Swap Flash for HTML5
11/13/2014 Microsoft Names Crayon Group as Licensing Solution Provider in UAE
11/10/2014 Dell Business Phone: A TEM Enabler
11/07/2014 Qwilt Beefs Up Mobile Video Proposition with VP Appointment
11/07/2014 CCL Study Slams Oracle's Software Licensing Practices
11/06/2014 Coral Interactive Bets on HTML5 Gaming
11/05/2014 Apple iMessage, FaceTime Score Privacy Points
11/05/2014 Acision Adds WebRTC for Contact Centers
11/05/2014 Mobile Apps Push Monetization Opportunities
11/04/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: uBeam Snags $10M for Sound-based Wireless Charging
11/04/2014 Google Copresence Takes Aim at Seamless Connectivity for iOS, Android
11/04/2014 Phone Channel Fraud is a Growing Threat to Call Centers
11/04/2014 S. Africa's Centracom Invests in its Own VoIP Switch
10/31/2014 NIST: The Cloud Has Five Ecosystem Stakeholders
10/30/2014 Lync, Skype Issue Support for Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite
10/29/2014 WC3 Declares HTML5 Finally Ready for Primetime
10/29/2014 YouTube Kicks Off Live Streaming from Android
10/29/2014 Plasma TVs Face Near-Complete Demise
10/29/2014 Amazon Picks Up Rooftop Media, Just for Laughs
10/29/2014 FCC Mulls a New Dawn for OTT Operators
10/28/2014 TV Retransmission Fees Set to Almost Double in 5 Years
10/28/2014 Amazon Releases Fire TV Stick to Take on Chromecast
10/28/2014 FCC's Chambers Focuses on Fiber for the Underserved
10/27/2014 FCC Delays TV Spectrum Auction by Almost a Year
10/27/2014 Google Beefs Up DoubleClick Ad Platform

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