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Bob Wallace is a career content creator and strategist who has focused on video services and products, along with enabling technologies for over a decade. His efforts have centered on defining opportunities, identifying emerging trends and analyzing revenue models for video offerings in technology, media and entertainment. Bob is founder of Fast Forward Thinking LLC. ( www.fastforwardthinking.net) and has held senior editorial positions with Virgo Publishing, Horizon House, International Data Group, and CMP Inc. His experience is split between focusing on the business of technology for enterprises and for service providers. Bob received a B.S. in Journalism from Boston University.

Latest Articles

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04/03/2013 Why Broadcast TV Networks Want Aero Gone
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12/19/2012 Enterprises Take Video to the Consumer Masses with Out-of-Home Systems
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12/05/2012 Game Change: From Retail to Digital Distribution - Why, How and When
11/28/2012 TDG Profiles 'Cord Cutters' and 'Cord Nevers': Operator Challenges Beyond TV Everywhere
11/28/2012 TDG Profiles 'Cord Cutters' and 'Cord Nevers': Operator Challenges Beyond TV Everyhwere
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07/05/2012 Visionaries Flock to Video World Conference Speaker Faculty
07/03/2012 Apps Make the Video World Go 'Round - Faster Than Ever

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