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Allison Boccamazzo is a Content Producer whose marketing and journalism background spans from online media to blogs to copy writing to newspapers to magazines to literary journals. She takes pride in her ability to always have her finger on the pulse when it comes to upcoming trends and industry insights. This has enabled her to continuously bring fresh perspective to her clients with regards to marketing strategies and SEO best practices. Most notably, she has increased several clients’ Google rankings from N/A to within the top 10, as well as maintained many clients’ No. one Google rankings. Allison excels at stellar client communications and establishes successful, positive working relationships with her clients – from startups to veterans. Some of her previous clients include Panasonic, Compuware Corporation and GFI Software. In the past, she has also contributed to HGTV Magazine and Hartford Faith and Values. Allison earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Writing and Mass Communications from Assumption College.

Latest Articles

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01/29/2014 We Know BYOD Is Big…Now What? Strategizing for the Future of the 'BYO' Age
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