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David Gitonga is a Web developer and freelance content creator working with various clients in setting up websites, blogs and writing Web content on a regular basis. He is also actively involved in creating social media content for SEO and runs a website.

Latest Articles

03/05/2013 Net Nanny Comes to iOS
02/28/2013 MasterCard Partners with VimpelCom to Deliver Innovative Mobile Banking Solutions
02/28/2013 Webalo Releases Improved Version of its Cloud-Based Enterprise Mobility Service App
02/28/2013 SimpleSignal Launches Hosted VoIP Integration with Microsoft Lync
02/28/2013 Pantech to use Radvision's BEEHD Video Client Framework to Create Handsets Supporting High-Quality Video Transmissions over 4G LTE
02/28/2013 EXFO Helps Field Agents Troubleshoot LTE, Gigabit Network Connections with Packet Synchronization in NetBlazer 2.0
02/28/2013 Gigamon Turns Big Data into Manageable Data
02/28/2013 A 3-D Printed Robotic Bat Wing to Help Aerodynamic Designers, Biologists Understand Bats' Flight Method
02/27/2013 Gemalto's LinqUs Mobile Wallet to Collect All Mobile Banking Transactions into One Neat Folder
02/27/2013 Synchronoss Showcasing Enhanced Personal Cloud Solution at 2013 Mobile World Congress
02/25/2013 The Official Release Event for the Samsung Galaxy SIV Scheduled for New York on March 14
02/25/2013 Bitdefender Presents the GravityZone, a Promising Solution to Protecting Companies from Attacks from Malware
02/25/2013 Users to Experience More Functionality, New Interface in Shazam's Latest Version
02/25/2013 Skyera Receives More Funding for Latest-Generation Solid State Storage Flash Technology
02/25/2013 theIRapp Survey Quantifies the Need for the Adoption of Mobile Technology in the Enterprise World
02/25/2013 Naver Corporation Adds Fun to its Line VoIP and Messaging Application with LINE Play
02/25/2013 Torres Networks Designing a Mobile Offload Gateway
02/21/2013 ManageEngine Uses Nuance's Nina to Create ServiceDesk Plus
02/21/2013 Sprylogics Helps Mobile Phone Service Operators Fight the IM and OTT Messaging Invasion
02/21/2013 TELUS Creates a Charity Fund to Help Nova Scotia Students Unravel the Mysteries of Technology
02/20/2013 Enterprise Software Vendors Showing Signs of Bending to Clients' Demands for More Flexible Software Licensing Models
02/20/2013 TEKsystems Surveys Reveal What it Takes to Make a Great Hire
02/19/2013 ESET Spreads its Wings to Efficiently Cover Managed Service Providers' Needs
02/19/2013 NETGEAR Teams Up with Global Wireless Technologies to Deliver Efficient and Cost Effective Mobile Broadband 3G/4G LTE Solutions
02/19/2013 Cyber Crime Investigators Track Attack Sources to Chinese Military-Owned Building
02/15/2013 DonRiver Develops Platform to Allow Full Mobile OSS Support, Capabilities while Opening New Frontiers in Europe
02/15/2013 EXFO Gives Internet Carriers an Easy Way to Troubleshoot their 40Gbps+ Network Infrastructure Builds
02/15/2013 iPad and iPhone Users Can Now Use Echograph Free of Charge
02/14/2013 Mindspeed Continues to Rule the Small Cell Design and Manufacture Industry at 63 Percent Market Share, Reveals Infonetics Report
02/14/2013 Expand the Performance of your 10Gbps Network Connections to 40G and 100G Performances without Expensive Infrastructure Overhauls Using Optelian's MPX-9110
02/14/2013 Cardlytics Expands Frontiers to the U.K. and Facebook
02/13/2013 Defense Connect Online System Demands a Better Architecture to Handle Increasing User Traffic
02/13/2013 Video Conferencing Finally Becomes Affordable for SMEs
02/13/2013 Smart911 Connect API: A Powerful Way to Deliver Critical Data to 911 Centers
02/13/2013 Heavy Hitters in the Dark Fiber Space Work to Improve Bandwidth Speeds Nationwide
02/12/2013 Apigee Insights Takes API Analytics to a Completely New Level
02/12/2013 Finally, a Solution for Accelerating Content and Application Acceleration for Small Cells with Mobile Network Economics
02/12/2013 BYOD, Mobile Device Management Touted as Necessities for Enterprises Worldwide
02/11/2013 WebNMS' ATM Site Manager Places ATM Operators at a Better Position to Reap from the Looming ATM Nodes Boom
02/11/2013 CipherCloud Unveils its Proposed Steps to Realizing the PCI Cloud Data Security Standard
02/08/2013 Perfecto Mobile Gives iOS App Developers MobileCloud, an iOS App Development Solution
02/08/2013 Skava Optimistically Sets Eye on Europe's Ever-Growing e-Commerce Niche
02/08/2013 What are the Benefits of Bringing Together a Mixed Team of Experts to Solve Common Research Problems?
02/07/2013 Apple Smashes 64GB Internal Storage Capacity Ceiling with New 128GB Fourth-Gen iPad
02/06/2013 HyperOffice: How a Social Layer Drives Engagement in an Enterprise
02/06/2013 Recording Calls on a Smartphone? There's an App for That.
02/06/2013 A Conversation Between Chrome and Firefox
02/05/2013 Service Provider Router Market Forecasted to Decline Over Next Five Years
02/05/2013 AppStore.com's Stealth Debut at Super Bowl Reveals New Way of Linking to iOS Apps
02/04/2013 Square, Verizon Wireless Come to the Rescue for Small Businesses Seeking Mobile Payment Solutions
02/04/2013 Quick Start Technology Lets You Interact with Apps While They Download
02/04/2013 The First Chromebook from HP is Here
02/01/2013 Edimax Introduces New Modem Touted as Being Six Times Faster than a Standard Modem
02/01/2013 Enterprise Cloud Computing: Five Best Practices that Should Guide Your Selection Criteria
02/01/2013 Sangoma Announces a New Line of Products at the ITEXPO Miami 2013
01/31/2013 Sprint to Support Launch of IMA LTE Lab in Israel
01/31/2013 Sprint Commits to Offering More Support to LTE Acceleration Lab in Israel
01/30/2013 SpiderOak Pushes for Web Privacy with the Release of the ZKAF Source Code
01/30/2013 OpenFlow Tests Hold Promise of Extending the Open Standard to the Optical Layer
01/30/2013 Eighty Percent of Businesses Have Some Sort of Cloud Storage in Place
01/29/2013 FTI Announces Ringtail 8.3 Self-Serve Private Cloud e-Discovery to Improve Efficiency of Legal Teams
01/29/2013 Gigamon Introduces 40GB Blades for Greater Pervasive Visibility in Data Centers
01/29/2013 Office 2013 is Finally in Touch, But Only on Certain Devices
01/29/2013 Redefining the Role of Contact Centers to Enhance Customer Service Experiences
01/28/2013 Unraveling the Mysteries of Dark Energy with the Euclid Mission Telescope
01/25/2013 WebRTC Gains More Support from Voxeo Labs with Phono SDK JavaScript API
01/25/2013 Gozi Virus Cybercriminals Charged in a Manhattan Federal Court
01/24/2013 Accessorize and Stand Out with Simplicit's New Line of Customizable iPad Stands and Kiosks
01/24/2013 Google Transparency Report: U.S. Government Accounts for 40 Percent of User Data Requests Worldwide
01/24/2013 Proofpoint Secure Share Advancing Security and Compliance in the Cloud Age
01/24/2013 Zootle CRM API Offers an Entire eCommerce Solution for Businesses
01/23/2013 DSI Intends to Boldly Mine Where No Mining Company Has Mined Before: Asteroids
01/23/2013 AppDynamics Raises More Funding Amidst a Thriving Application Performance Industry
01/23/2013 Changes to PayPal Account Freeze Coming Soon
01/22/2013 Access Your Desktop Media from an iOS Device Using the Tonido App
01/22/2013 moTwin Survey Reveals Why Enterprises Are Slow in the Mobile Space Uptake
01/21/2013 Yet Another SpeedCast Buyout: This time it's Elektrikom in Europe
01/21/2013 WFT Cloud to Help Customers Moving SAP Landscapes to the Cloud Gain Cost Savings and Faster ROI
01/21/2013 Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Still Not Definite 90 Years Later
01/18/2013 CoreSite Enables Customers to Connect Directly with Cloud Service Providers through the Open Cloud Exchange
01/18/2013 Lenovo Introduces Rugged ThinkPad Chromebooks, School-Proofed Against Wear and Tear
01/18/2013 Demand for Apple Products in China Still High as iPad Mini Cellular Model Launches
01/17/2013 EMC Introduces Syncplicity's Technology into its Enterprise Offerings
01/17/2013 Sprint Supports SMBs with its MS Office 365 Solution
01/17/2013 TrustedTPV Makes Secure Electronic Signature Transactions Quick, Easy and Affordable with WebTPV
01/16/2013 VirtualChrome App Brings Flash, Java and Chrome Extensions to Your iPad
01/16/2013 New IP Phone System Sees Wider Adoption as Plivo Launches WebRTC SDK
01/16/2013 M2M Catalyst Program to Help M2M Businesses, Mobile Operators Access Services, Best Practices
01/15/2013 AOSL Introduces Ultra-Small IC Packages for Wireless Applications
01/15/2013 Supply Chains Moving to the Cloud: FarmaCorp Implements LogFire's Solution at its Distribution Center
01/15/2013 GigaSpaces Partners With OpsCode to Offer Cloud Migration of Business-Critical Legacy Apps
01/15/2013 Chinese Space Tests Could Put Critical Higher Orbit U.S. Military Satellites at Risk
01/11/2013 Could Declining PC Sales be a Sign that the PC is Fading?
01/11/2013 Wikipedia to Launch a New and Free Travel Wiki, Wikivoyage, on January 15th
01/08/2013 Tablets to Bite into Notebook PC Sales in 2013: NPD DisplaySearch
12/21/2012 magicJack '722 Patent Case Stayed Until June 14, 2013
12/18/2012 Instagram's New Facebook Privacy Policy Will Take Effect from January 16, 2013
12/18/2012 Urban Compass Gets $8 Million in Seed Funding With Strong Backing from Industry Players
12/17/2012 Facebook to Launch a 'Snapchat Clone' Allowing Users to Send and Receive Timed Self-Destructible Messages
12/17/2012 Want to Silence Your Phone Alarm by Waving Your Hand? There's an App for That

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