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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

10/01/2014 When Your Car is Watching: Privacy and Vehicle Telematics
10/01/2014 Microsoft Puts New Life in Office with Sway Presentation
10/01/2014 Who Uses a Phone Booth Anymore? Telstra Plans To
10/01/2014 GENBAND's Services Tapped to Transform TNCI's Telecommunications
10/01/2014 Nine-Figure Theft Alleged for International Hacking Ring
10/01/2014 Microsoft Lync UC Finds New Power in Tone's ReliaTel Service Success Pack
10/01/2014 Infonetics: SIP Trunking in Three out of Four Businesses by 2016
09/30/2014 HP's Stream Tablet Line Brings Fresh Ammunition in Microsoft / Google War
09/30/2014 Can You Live Five Hours Without the Internet? One in Four Americans Can't
09/30/2014 Windows 10 First Look Emerges at Microsoft Event
09/30/2014 Cloud Growth in Latin America Means Less Growth for Contact Center Systems
09/30/2014 The Park Bench Is Talking: JCDecaux, Alcatel-Lucent Combine on Connected Street Furniture
09/30/2014 Accenture & Alcatel-Lucent Form A-Team For Ultra-Broadband
09/30/2014 Portal Offers the Wrist-Mounted Communication Vector of our Futurist Dreams
09/30/2014 Smart Wearable Device Shipments 'More than Quadruple' by 2017
09/30/2014 GENBAND's Brings in SAP Jam Keeps Workers Connected
09/30/2014 Pizza Hut Puts WebRTC to Work, But Can the IoT Make it Even Greater?
09/29/2014 Microsoft Makes a Push on Telephony
09/29/2014 Call Centers: Time for a Black Friday Pre-Flight Check
09/29/2014 ARM-Based Processors Make a Splash in HP's Moonshot Servers
09/29/2014 Can Middle Managers Prove an Innovation Gold Mine?
09/27/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Tales From the Home Front
09/27/2014 Unified Communications Week in Review: Partnerships Aplenty
09/27/2014 Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review: Rise of the Mobile Wallet
09/26/2014 90 Minutes of Netflix: The Average Daily Diet
09/26/2014 Startel External SoftPhone Offers Users a New Tool in Communications
09/26/2014 Vodafone & BMW Getting Together to Drive Connected Car Development
09/26/2014 This is Not a Christmas Article: Dynamism Scanners, 3D Printers Make Great Gift Options
09/26/2014 Intel Turns to Israel Plant to Push Drive to 10 Nanometer Chips
09/25/2014 Spike Malware Toolkit: How Your Thermostat Could Hack a Bank
09/25/2014 Popcornflix Steps up Streaming in Asian Markets
09/25/2014 E la Carte Serves Up Big Gains with Presto Tablets in Restaurants
09/25/2014 A Kill Switch for Cars?
09/25/2014 Garmin, Universal Get Together on New Branded Activity Tracker
09/25/2014 Five9 Gives NexRep a Boost in Power Cancer Research Telethon
09/24/2014 Russia's Plan to Deal with SkypeOut Calls Quickly Buckles
09/24/2014 Google Fiber Planning Major Expansion: Is Your Town on the List?
09/24/2014 Is the iPhone 6 Already Losing Steam?
09/24/2014 Automatic Fitting Jackets More Possible with Purdue's Robotic Fabric
09/24/2014 An Easy Button For Home Supplies? Amazon Testing New Home Gadgets
09/24/2014 Don't Trust You, Don't Watch Me: Two Major Issues in BYOD
09/24/2014 How Important is Customer Support? For Insurance, Even More Than the Policy
09/24/2014 FRAFOS Releases ABC WebRTC Gateway, Supporting Better WebRTC Integration
09/24/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Huawei Bulks up IoT Presence with Neul Purchase
09/24/2014 Financial Services Sector Hit Hard by Cybersecurity Regulations
09/23/2014 Looking for Great Customer Service? Try Russia
09/23/2014 United States Increasingly Plugged in with 10 Percent of Global M2M Connections
09/23/2014 VoIP Faxing Gets New Life in Small Businesses
09/23/2014 State of Broadband: Half the Planet has Internet Access in Three Years
09/23/2014 PlayStation TV Arriving with Huge Library in Tow
09/23/2014 WebRTC's Biggest User Base May Just be Arriving
09/23/2014 Net Neutrality & Mobile VoIP: Strange Bedfellows
09/22/2014 ISI Shows Off Collaboration Tools
09/22/2014 Will Verizon's VoLTE be OTT's Disconnect Moment?
09/22/2014 CardsApp Offers Tool to Make Wearable Tech a Great Marketing Force
09/22/2014 Logitech Harmony Living Home Looks to Make Home Smarter
09/22/2014 Weightless Launches New Standard for IoT Connectivity: Weightless-N
09/22/2014 Stripe Hits Apple's Short List of Apple Pay Partners
09/22/2014 Record Breaking Apple: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Have Amazing Launch Weekend
09/22/2014 Couch Potatoes Unite: Connected TV Market May Triple By 2020
09/20/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review: The New Abounds
09/20/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Game Changers' Ball
09/19/2014 IntelliResponse: A Customer Service Catastrophe Awaits for Technology Firms?
09/19/2014 Your Customers Are Waiting: OpinionLab's September 2014 COI Arrives
09/19/2014 Talkdesk Nets Fresh Funding, Offers Pricing Data on an Unusual Idea
09/19/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Top Level Domain Auction Action Hits Big with Amazon's Purchase
09/19/2014 Enterprise Video Conferencing Market Makes Moves, Finds Growth Limited
09/18/2014 How SocialGrow Will Help Drive Unified Inbox's Unified Communications Plan
09/18/2014 A Complete Business Call Center: No Longer the Unaffordable Dream
09/18/2014 United States Job Seekers Want to Apply by Mobile Device
09/18/2014 Beyond Verbal Clues Wearable Tech in on Tone of Voice
09/18/2014 Want a Better Customer Experience? Presence Suite 10.0 is Ready to Help
09/18/2014 Your Next Employee May be Virtual: How to Get the Best
09/17/2014 HTML5 Developers, Take Note: Reddo Mobility Has New App-Refactoring Tools
09/17/2014 BigMarker Offers Big New Advances in Web Conferencing
09/17/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Take Your Best Apps Anywhere with Citrix's New Acquisition, Virtual
09/17/2014 CallTower Taps Voxbone to Provide its Microsoft Lync Connections
09/17/2014 Digital Security Services to Prove Major Part of Business Landscape
09/16/2014 What's Behind an Expected Shipment of 1.2 Billion Smartphones This Year?
09/16/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: A Complete Call Center in a Browser? Talkdesk Ready to Make it Happen
09/16/2014 Net Neutrality Comments Deluge FCC at Record-Breaking Pace
09/16/2014 More Connection, More Problems: Higher Connectivity Comes With a Price
09/16/2014 Kandy & SkyDesktop Combine for Better Communication at the Office
09/16/2014 Finding the Value in Cloud-Based Workforce Optimization
09/16/2014 The Waiting is the Hardest Part, But That May Change for Metropolitan Utilities District
09/16/2014 IDC: Big Data Market Only Gets Bigger -- for Now
09/16/2014 Remote Job Interviews Driving Videoconferencing Boom in HR
09/15/2014 Cloudyn Lands Extra Funding Amid Growing Market
09/15/2014 Minecraft World Makes Pricey Real Estate As Microsoft Buys Mojang's Flagship Title
09/15/2014 Hurting for Workout Motivation? The Jabra Sport Pulse Can Help
09/15/2014 Android One Quietly Gives Google Back Control of Android Field
09/13/2014 WebRTC World Week in Review: Mobility Leads The Way
09/13/2014 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Growing Pains
09/12/2014 Lining the Nest: Nest Now Works with Several Key Home Automation Systems
09/12/2014 1st Line Outsourcing: Be Ready to Go Where the Customers Are
09/12/2014 Quantifying the Unquantifiable: What Cost Comes with a Data Breach?
09/12/2014 Will Kentucky Be Home to the Next Gigabit City?
09/12/2014 Get Your Website Connected Real Time With ooVoo's New WebRTC SDK
09/12/2014 Digisoft.tv and INSIDE Secure Makes DRM a Breeze
09/12/2014 Microsoft Looking to Bring Xbox to the Web Browser

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