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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

02/28/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Origibot, Matrix.org, 5G
02/28/2015 SIP Trunking Week in Review: Snom, Toshiba, Endstream
02/28/2015 Unified Communications Week in Review: Mitel, Tadiran, Barnes & Noble
02/27/2015 LIMRA Gives Insurance Companies New Perspective on Customers
02/27/2015 SolidFire's Enterprise Bookings Heated Up Through 2014
02/26/2015 Telefonica's TU Go Brings WebRTC Right to the Browser
02/26/2015 MVNOs Get Fixed-Mobile Convergence Boost from Centile Telecom Applications
02/26/2015 ShelterBox & Flowfinity Get Together to Improve Disaster Response
02/26/2015 Mocana Readies Mobile Security Solutions for SAP Mobile
02/26/2015 Memphis Grizzlies' Newest Teammate is Microsoft Dynamics CRM
02/25/2015 Personal Genomic Tests Set to Alter Healthcare
02/25/2015 Research: Total App Downloads Spurred by Chinese Market
02/25/2015 Want a Better Call Center? Start with Happier Agents
02/25/2015 Rise of the Machines...in the Contact Center
02/25/2015 New Dimension Data Report Shows Contact Center Lagging Industry Needs
02/25/2015 Comverse Takes to Amazon Web Services Cloud for Multi-VAS Solutions
02/24/2015 Wearable Tech Review: Misfit Shine
02/24/2015 Want Free Shipping on Target Online Purchases? It Just Got Cheaper.
02/24/2015 How Origibot Turns Your Android Tablet Into a Telepresence Robot
02/24/2015 Twitter Backs Net Neutrality with Public Post
02/24/2015 Pebble's Next Generation Smartwatch May Have Leaked
02/23/2015 The Voice of Customer Experience is More Style than Substance
02/23/2015 Hawaii Picks Up Plans to Bring Government to More Remote Locations
02/23/2015 Tractica: Wearable Device Shipments to Grow Tenfold Over Seven Years
02/23/2015 Digium's Respoke Brings WebRTC Functionality to Array of Apps
02/23/2015 Taqua's Virtual Mobile Core, Mobile Client Systems to Drive Interop's Voice Offerings
02/21/2015 Unified Communications Week in Review: AT&T, SkySwitch, Spooky Nook Sports
02/21/2015 SIP Trunking Week in Review: 8x8, NetGen, Vertical Communications
02/21/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Samsung, Vizicom, Mobile World Congress
02/21/2015 Call Recording Week in Review: ResponseTap, CloudFactory, Noble Systems
02/20/2015 One in Three SMBs Have New Tech Plans For 2015
02/20/2015 How to Make Better Service When Service is Digital
02/19/2015 Ericsson's Expert Analytics 15.0 Offers New Tools to Improve Customer Satisfaction
02/19/2015 Sonus & Numonix Get Together to Drive Contact Center Improvements
02/19/2015 Elliptic Technologies Announces tRoot Technology Now Part of eWBM Chipsets
02/19/2015 Artesyn Embedded Technologies Brings Out Centellis OCP
02/19/2015 Connection in Healthcare: How Real Time Communications Keeps an Industry Healthy
02/19/2015 Better Customer Satisfaction is Key in Call Centers
02/19/2015 What to Look for in Conferencing 2015
02/18/2015 Wearable Tech Review: Pear Training Intelligence
02/18/2015 Where Will APAC CMOs Put Investment This Year? In Customer Experience, Says IDC
02/18/2015 3CX Phone System Users Get a Free Bonus, WebRTC Style
02/18/2015 How Big Data Can Make Call Center Experiences Go More Smoothly
02/17/2015 InComm BYOD Starter Kit Makes Bring Your Own Device That Much Easier
02/17/2015 ResponseTap Calls for Greater Review of Call Tracking Systems
02/17/2015 Samsung Smart School Brings Powerful New Education Tool to Senegalese Schools
02/17/2015 Safer Text Messaging Spurs Huge Gains in TigerText Sales
02/17/2015 Juniper Research Names Barcelona as Top Global Smart City in 2015
02/17/2015 Two Giants Build New Contact Center Tool
02/14/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Kaplan University, Contact Solutions, Blackboard
02/13/2015 Heartland Institute: Patent Trolls Mean Big Damage for US Economy
02/13/2015 teleFoehn IP Communications Means Big Savings for Boston Borough Council
02/13/2015 A Record Year of Revenue for Genesys
02/13/2015 GlobalData: Medical Tourism on the Rise in Southeast Asia
02/12/2015 JOT Automation Develops Automated Test System for Wearable Devices
02/12/2015 8x8 Goes For Brass Ring with 'Industry First' VoIP SLA Guarantee
02/12/2015 Time Warner Cable, Best Buy Get Together for More Intelligent Homes
02/12/2015 Avaya, Reliance Communications Strike Deal to Bolster Customer Care Tech
02/12/2015 Ready to Get Microsoft Lync in the Call Center? Acqueon's New Program is Ready to Help
02/11/2015 Getting the Best in Customer Experience Requires Open Standards
02/11/2015 Talari SD-WAN Gets New Update with Talari APN 4.2
02/11/2015 Why Farming Needs the Internet of Things to Survive
02/11/2015 Strategy Analytics: In 2022, M2M Will Reach Multi-Billion Connections
02/11/2015 WalkMe UX Platform New Version Plans to Whip Website Users Into Shape
02/11/2015 Is Customer Engagement Just a Text Message Away?
02/11/2015 Wearable Tech Review: The Spree Smartcap
02/11/2015 Tough Winter: Illinois Portion of Quad Cities Goes Dark
02/10/2015 Mobile Shopping: Easy as Taking Pictures with Snap-To-Buy
02/10/2015 Don't Risk Killing the Brand: Bring the Mobile App Up to Snuff
02/10/2015 Want to Boost Wireless Customer Satisfaction? Add Online Chat
02/09/2015 Swatch Readies Wearable Smartwatch, Squarely Targets Apple Watch
02/09/2015 Plantronics & Revolabs Get Together to Make UC Clearer
02/09/2015 Microsoft Cortana May Help Out on Office Tasks Based on New Leaks
02/09/2015 Samsung Smart TV: The TV That Knew Too Much
02/09/2015 Report: Cars' Wireless Security Measures 'Inconsistent and Haphazard'
02/07/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Software Advice, Tech Mahindra
02/07/2015 Unified Communications Week in Review: Tata Communications, Teliax, ThinkingPhones
02/06/2015 Jive Software's New Product Line Looks to Boost Engagement at Work
02/06/2015 Samsung KNOX Gets Better with Good
02/06/2015 Contact Centers in United States Add Big Numbers in 2014
02/05/2015 Aptilo Service Management Platform Gets New Life with Wi-Fi Calling
02/05/2015 Accanto's Customer Experience Experiment Calls For Mobile Service Users
02/05/2015 MEDHOST's YourCareUniverse Looks to Help Hospitals Make a Customer-Focused Switch
02/05/2015 Verizon Takes Measures to Stem Tide of Customer Defections
02/05/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: ThinkingPhones Picks Up on Contactive Buy
02/04/2015 Vuzix and HeadApp Combine For a High-Flying Event
02/04/2015 GENBAND'S Kandy Takes High Honors at 2014 WebRTC Conference & Expo Event
02/04/2015 LTE No Magic Bullet in Wireless Traffic Troubles, Says Amdocs
02/04/2015 Zultys Cloud Services, MXvirtual, Make Big Splash in Annual Awards Listings
02/04/2015 Bitcoin, Altcoin Take Hit in Transactions, Exchanges Raise Hope for Future
02/03/2015 Inbenta Self-Service Report Shows Staggering Rise in Customer Self-Service
02/03/2015 The Call Center Needs to Know Who's Calling
02/03/2015 New Milestones Support Unify's Push to Transform the Company
02/03/2015 No Discount Please, We're British: Brits Prefer Local Call Center to Discount in New Study
02/03/2015 Synergy SKY Adds Monitoring Tools to Tata Communications' jamvee Platform
02/02/2015 Zappos Takes a Page From Uber, Offers 'Surge Pay' to Reps
02/02/2015 How to Take Omni-Channel From Great Idea to Great Operation
02/02/2015 New Study Shows Big Interest in Telemedicine Solutions
02/02/2015 Logitech ConferenceCam Connect Offers Video Conferencing Wherever, Whenever
02/02/2015 Wheelings & Dealings: Jay-Z Makes Streaming Music Play, Set to Buy WiMP

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