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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

04/23/2014 Facebook Purchase of Oculus VR Cleared By U.S. Antitrust Authorities
04/23/2014 New Code Unearthed in iOS 7.1 Suggests Siri For Apple TV
04/23/2014 Cell phones Prove Surprising Boost To Literacy In Developing Countries
04/23/2014 AT&T, The Chernin Group Get Together Again For Over-the-Top Video
04/23/2014 WhatsApp Clears Half-Billion User Mark, But Company Wants To Stay Focused
04/23/2014 LG G Flex, World's First Flexible Smartphone
04/23/2014 Lean to the Left, Open a Menu: New Amazon Smartphone May Have Tilt-Based Controls
04/22/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: APX Labs Raises $10M to Back Google Glass' Play for Business
04/22/2014 Looking For A Nest Thermostat? It May Hit Google Play Soon
04/22/2014 Samsung & PayPal Turn to Nok Nok Labs for Authentication
04/22/2014 Amazon Loses Sales in States with Online Taxes
04/22/2014 Ineda's Series B Funding Round Nets $17 Million For Wearable Device SoCs.
04/22/2014 Apple Calls Attention To Environmentalism in Business with New Earth Day Video
04/22/2014 Thinking About A New Netflix Membership? Price Hikes May Be Coming
04/21/2014 Looking for a Future in Tech? Think Detroit
04/21/2014 2014: Celebrating 25 Years of Game Boy
04/21/2014 SureCall's M2M Signal Booster Lands FCC Approval
04/21/2014 Headphones: The Next Frontier in Wearable Tech?
04/21/2014 The Sum of the Samsung Galaxy S5's Parts Revealed In IHS Teardown
04/21/2014 Apple & Shazam Want iOS 8 To Know What Song Is Playing
04/21/2014 Apple & Google's Mobile Fight Extends To Game Apps
04/21/2014 Telerik's Kendo UI Core Goes Open Source to Bolster HTML5 Development
04/21/2014 Nike Fuelband Staggers Amidst Reports of Layoffs
04/21/2014 Smartphone Thefts Nearly Double Between 2012 and 2013
04/21/2014 Project Ara, Google's Modular Smartphone, May Hit Shelves This January
04/18/2014 Mobile Security Week in Review
04/18/2014 CaaS Week in Review
04/18/2014 Network Management Week in Review
04/17/2014 JOT400 Plasma Cell Allows for Focused Plasma Treatment, Reduced Costs
04/17/2014 Brekeke PBX, Yealink IP Video Phone Now Have Video Stream Support
04/17/2014 Why Do Americans Block Calls? WhitePages Explains
04/17/2014 Medical Marijuana Meets the Enterprise with iTalk Products
04/17/2014 Google Glass One Day Sale: Sold Out
04/16/2014 The Hardest Job to Fill is in the Call Center
04/16/2014 Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Denied Rehabilitation, Looks to Liquidate Instead
04/16/2014 A New Google Glass Update Means Longer Battery Life & More
04/16/2014 New Support Emerges For Smartphone Anti-Theft Devices
04/16/2014 Google Glass Privacy, Safety Concerns Lead Consumer Watchdog to Sound "Glasshole" Alarms
04/16/2014 New Ovum Report Says Tough Times Ahead For CSP & Telecom Vendors
04/15/2014 Has the iPhone 6 Screen Leaked Out?
04/15/2014 GM Replaces Brass in Communications and Human Resources
04/15/2014 Comic Buffs May Now Turn To Amazon With New ComiXology Deal
04/15/2014 BlackBerry to Join the Healthcare Revolution, Puts Investment in NantHealth
04/15/2014 Mobile Commerce Driving Revenue Spikes for Online Retailers
04/15/2014 Mobile Shopping Not Just For the Young Any More
04/15/2014 The Next Google Glass May Go Right Onto Your Eye
04/15/2014 Will Samsung Suffer as Smartphones Become Less Innovative?
04/14/2014 Buying and Selling with Facebook May Soon Come to Ireland
04/14/2014 Silent Twitter: Almost Half of All Twitter Users Have Never Tweeted
04/14/2014 Upcoming Yorktel VideoKiosk Demonstration Drives Home Value of Video Kiosk Technology
04/14/2014 Landline Prices Make Giant Leap in 5 Years
04/14/2014 Limitless Computing Releases SightSpace View, Giving Trimble SketchUp More Impact
04/14/2014 HTML5 New Chrome Beta for Android Update Offers HTML5 Video for Chromecast
04/12/2014 Network Management Week in Review
04/12/2014 CaaS Week in Review
04/12/2014 Mobile Security Week in Review
04/11/2014 Want A Google Glass? Now Anyone Can Buy One...For One Day
04/11/2014 Integrys Energy Group Upgrades IM Compliance with HR Auditor
04/11/2014 Facebook Messenger for iOS Updates with Free VoIP Calling
04/11/2014 The Micro 3D Printer Makes Huge Impact on Kickstarter
04/10/2014 Facebook's 'Privacy Checkup' Gives Publicly-Posting Users Prompts to Change
04/10/2014 AT&T Looks to Head Off Google in North Carolina
04/10/2014 Frost & Sullivan: Healthcare to Prove a Big Investment Target
04/10/2014 OCHO Offers More Than the Average Key Tray
04/10/2014 Comings & Goings: TokBox Makes Major Changes, Names Scott Lomond CEO
04/10/2014 Wearable Computing Shipments Will Explode by 2018
04/10/2014 Does the Internet Reduce Depression in Older Americans?
04/10/2014 Easynet Global Services Partners with Acano, Adds WebRTC to UC Project
04/10/2014 The Internet of Things for Business Gets Safer With McAfee & Siemens
04/09/2014 Intel Vents 1,500 Jobs in Shutdown on Costa Rica
04/09/2014 New Report Suggests Big Gains for Smartphone App Processors
04/09/2014 ShareDrop Brings AirDrop Power to More Devices for Easy File Transfer with WebRTC
04/09/2014 Despite Loss of Security Support, Many Websites Still Run on Windows XP
04/09/2014 Android & HTML5 Have Some Major Potential Together
04/09/2014 Twitter Releases New Redesign In User Profiles
04/09/2014 Easy Fixes for Battery Drain on iOS Devices
04/08/2014 UberRush Courier Service Set to Launch Today
04/08/2014 Mobile Payments Set to Ring Up Big Numbers This Year
04/08/2014 Picking the Right Enterprise Applications: Oracle India Explains How it's Done
04/08/2014 The TrekDesk Goes Hollywood in HBO's 'Silicon Valley'
04/08/2014 Google Glass Announces Glass for Work Program
04/08/2014 New Virtual PBX Systems Simplify Business Phones
04/08/2014 Identiv Pulls $20 Million in Funding to Make the Internet of Things More Trustworthy
04/07/2014 WIT Software's WebRTC Gateway Gives New Authority to MSISDN to Identify Users
04/07/2014 Looking for an Apple Device? Prices Starting to Drop
04/07/2014 Lights, Camera, Microsoft: New Shows Coming to Xbox in June
04/07/2014 Kinvey Brings Out MBaaS Support for HTML5 App Development
04/07/2014 Growth Hacking Driver of Big Gains for Some Messaging Apps
04/07/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: OpenFin's Series A Funding Round Boosts Previous Efforts
04/05/2014 Network Management Week in Review
04/05/2014 CaaS Week in Review
04/05/2014 Mobile Security Week in Review
04/04/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Tesco's Dunnhumby Makes a Purchase of Its Own In Sociomantic
04/04/2014 Project Novena, a Mostly Open Source Laptop, Goes on Sale
04/04/2014 Reports of Google 2.0 Mean Revamping of Many Native, Web Apps for Google
04/04/2014 For Tesla Drivers, the Dashboard Keeps Up With the News
04/03/2014 Outsourced Call Center Agents to Reach 160,000 by 2017
04/03/2014 Fitness Trackers Get Big Reactions...On Both Sides
04/03/2014 Cytta Brings Connectivity to Oil and Gas
04/03/2014 Net Neutrality, Roaming Reforms Now Fact Under European Parliament Law

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