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Steve Anderson has been writing about various topics since 2004, covering a variety of fields from movies and pop culture to technology to economics to politics and well beyond. He lives in Michigan, and both reads and writes novels in his off hours, is a practicing horror film expert, and is an inveterate bicyclist.

Latest Articles

04/20/2015 FM Radio in Norway Gone After 2016
04/20/2015 Home Health Technologies to Have Major Following in Next Five Years
04/20/2015 M2M Technology Review: The Misfit Bolt Proves a Bright Idea
04/20/2015 Vuzix Wearable Display Options Land Pair of New Patents
04/20/2015 M2 Group's Dodo Phone Anywhere Puts GENBAND's fring to Work
04/18/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: UChicago Medicine, GENBAND, Google
04/18/2015 SIP Trunking Week in Review: Birch Communications, GL Communications, Symbio Networks
04/17/2015 Epiq Systems Three-Peats Best in Service Recognition From kCura
04/17/2015 The Strange Reason Behind HGS' Closure of the Thunder Bay Call Center
04/17/2015 Cyanogen OS to Get a Major Microsoft Boost With Skype, Office, and More
04/17/2015 Strategic Group Sounds Retreat, Looks to Divest VoIP Division
04/17/2015 Femtocell Market Faces Mixed Bag Amid Residential Losses and Enterprise Gains
04/17/2015 SafePath Emergency Evacuation System Offers Tech-Driven Disaster Warning
04/16/2015 Use a VoIP System? ProCom to Offer Automatic Bill Payment
04/16/2015 Empirix and blackchair Get Together on Contact Center Software Lineup
04/16/2015 M&E May Have Positive Outlook Despite Data Onslaught
04/16/2015 Another Hurdle for Job Hunters Emerges in the Personality Test
04/16/2015 Infonetics Research: Fixed Broadband Subscribers Near a Billion Strong by 2019
04/16/2015 iOS Wearables, Smart Home Hardware Top Event Listings
04/16/2015 BlackBerry's BES12 Proves Communications Platform of Choice for CarePartners
04/15/2015 Portaltech Reply & hybris software Team Up for Airline Omnichannel
04/15/2015 The Apple Watch Wasn't the iWatch for One Strange Reason
04/15/2015 Swivl Cloud Live Adds a Silver Lining With Live Conferencing
04/15/2015 Will AT&T's Huge FCC Fine Mean Change for Wireless Providers?
04/15/2015 Summer is Coming: Do You Have Your Paick Watch Light?
04/15/2015 Customer Support Software Providers Need the Best in Customer Support
04/14/2015 IBM Establishes Watson Health Cloud Unit
04/14/2015 New Twilio Video System Means Easily-Added Video For Online Apps
04/14/2015 TeamSupport's New Calendar Feature Improves Its Use
04/14/2015 Chinese Apple Customers Won't Be Getting Apple Pay Access Soon
04/14/2015 GENBAND Smart Office Gives NetFortris' Cloud UC a Leg Up
04/13/2015 The Best Performing Employees Prefer to Work From Home
04/13/2015 IP Voice Made Simple
04/13/2015 Ransomware Strikes Lincoln County Sheriff's Office; Sheriffs Pay Up
04/13/2015 BMW Mini Line Poised to Offer New Wearable Tech Option
04/13/2015 VoIP Service Opens Up Several New Opportunities
04/11/2015 SIP Trunking Week in Review: Cisco, 3CX, ShoreTel
04/11/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Livegenic, GENBAND, Google
04/10/2015 Cloud Technology Can Make or Break a Virtual Office
04/10/2015 Help Scout Lands $6 Million to Give Businesses Help Desk Support by Email
04/10/2015 Gamestop, T-Mobile, Firehouse Subs Join Roster of Businesses to Take Apple Pay
04/10/2015 New BLS Report Puts Unemployment Low in the Telecom Sector
04/09/2015 Is GMeet Google's Attempt at Teleconferencing?
04/09/2015 Odobo Brings Out New Slate of HTML5-Based Games
04/09/2015 AT&T Takes $25 Million Fine After Call Center Troubles
04/09/2015 Blackboard Drives Communications For Saint Paul Public Schools
04/09/2015 Small Cell Market Healthy, But Competition Will Make the Market Tighter
04/09/2015 Improving the Customer Service Environment is a Few Simple Steps Away
04/08/2015 Skype for Business Makes its Arrival April 14
04/08/2015 Cloud Money from nTrust Expands to Over 20 New Merchants
04/08/2015 Want to Buy a Corporate Password? Ask a Current Employee
04/08/2015 Looking For Better Cybersecurity? HP Has Some Answers
04/08/2015 Investment in Digital Customer Engagement No Longer Just an Option
04/07/2015 HBO Now Premieres on Several Platforms
04/07/2015 Google Ventures Joins In $12 Million Funding Round For CoreOS
04/07/2015 Welch Allyn Readies Connex Spot Monitor for Upcoming Event
04/07/2015 An Electrifying Morning as 79,000 Customers Lose Power
04/07/2015 Airtel Unveils Sponsored Data Services
04/06/2015 Better Customer Engagement Could be Just a Game Away
04/06/2015 Customer Service May Be Forever Changed by Millennials and the Self-Service Movement
04/06/2015 Hotel Owners: Finding the Right Booking Software Can be Simple
04/06/2015 Shep the Drone Proves Able Mechanical Sheepdog
04/06/2015 Mobile Technology Review: Cyntur JumperPack Mini
04/06/2015 Birch Communications Gives TotalCloud PBX Fresh Seeding with New Features
04/06/2015 Federal Agencies Coming Around to Digital Tools' Value, But Doubts Remain
04/06/2015 All About ME Opens Up Mobile Advertising to the Personal Brand
04/06/2015 30 Percent of Potential Cybercrime Victims Plan to Negotiate
04/06/2015 GENBAND's Perspectives15 Event to Make One Merry Month of May
04/03/2015 GENBAND Nuvia Takes Top Honors in VoIP Infrastructure Awards
04/02/2015 Building the Right Cloud Can Be a Simple Process
04/02/2015 TIBCO's Live Datamart 2.0 Gets Released For Fast Data Access
04/02/2015 ExtraHop Leaps into VoIP Service with ExtraHop Enterprise Modules
04/02/2015 CALLPROMISE's Callback Cloud for Business Offers a Smoother Call Center
04/02/2015 Cloud Computing on a Majority of Business Owners' Radar
04/01/2015 Thomas L. Cardella and Associates Set to Add 300 Call Center Jobs
04/01/2015 President Obama Details Better Protection Against Cyber Threats
04/01/2015 Bionic Ants: Today's Super Villain Fodder, Tomorrow's Factory Workers
04/01/2015 CareFlight Adds Videoconferencing Capability with eVideo Tools
04/01/2015 Which Breed of VoIP Software Is Best?
04/01/2015 Netformx Steps Up AudioCodes Relationship, Adds to KnowledgeBase
03/31/2015 Improving the Call Center Takes a Focus on Workflow and Mobility
03/31/2015 Arrow Systems, 8x8 Get Together on New Cloud Tools for Business
03/31/2015 Hybrid Solutions: The New Normal For VoIP, SIP Trunking?
03/31/2015 Smart Airports May Prove New Connection for Real Time Communications Market
03/31/2015 UK's Health Service to Get IBM Retooling
03/31/2015 Apple Pay & iPhone Bringing New Options to Small Business
03/30/2015 Five9 & Netrix Bring Out New Cloud Contact Center Solutions
03/30/2015 Edelberg & Associates, ScribeAmerica Combine For New Innovation in Coding
03/30/2015 What's Making Big Growth in Videoconferencing Services? Look to the Cloud
03/30/2015 HP's New Software Lineup Brings Insight to Mobile App Development
03/30/2015 State Farm Drone Aircraft Cleared for Flight
03/30/2015 Audio Technology Review: Meteor M2 Desktop Speakers
03/30/2015 RelayAccount's New Version Helps Online Patient Billing
03/30/2015 Unicom Engineering Offers a Roadmap to the Xeon Processor Future
03/28/2015 Real Time Communications Week in Review: Microsoft, CDW, GENBAND
03/28/2015 SIP Trunking Week in Review: Cablevision, Grandstream, Xorcom
03/27/2015 Business VoIP Gets a New Player in Canadian Firm bluArc
03/27/2015 Amazon's Spending Spree Means Plenty of Cloud Moves Ahead
03/27/2015 Customer Service Takes on New Life with zipLogix
03/26/2015 Securus Technologies Uses Video for Safer Prison Visits

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