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Jack Grauer is a graduate student at Temple University in Philadelphia and a Web content writer. He writes on various topics including international politics, finance, renewable energy solutions and search engine optimization

Latest Articles

06/21/2012 Bonjour Gateway by Aerohive Demoed at WWDC
06/21/2012 European Mobile Operators Ponder the Possibility of Consolidating
06/20/2012 UNE EPM Introduces 4G in Colombia's Two Largest Cities: Bogota and Medellin
06/19/2012 AT&T Introduces Mobile Interpretation, Translation Service
06/19/2012 New Server Memory Module from Apacer
06/06/2012 Intel Chipsets May Support the Windows Phones OS in the Near Future
06/04/2012 Amazon Instant Video Comes to Xbox 360
06/04/2012 Boost Introduces 4Genie, Inexpensive Unlimited Plan
06/01/2012 Global Mixed-Mode Technology Selects ASLx's for New Test Platforms
05/31/2012 MATE Live: a Tool For Network Data Analysis
05/31/2012 eFax: A Guaranteed Method for Small Businesses to Cut Down on Paperwork
05/31/2012 BEREC Studies Broadband Traffic Restrictions in Europe
05/31/2012 New Fleet Telematics Solutions from Sprint, Agnik
05/25/2012 MessageSolution Will Exhibit Several New Platforms at Legal Tech 2012
05/25/2012 Hybrid Fiber and Wireless Solutions Can Save Money for Developing Backhaul Networks
05/24/2012 New Mobile Security Solution From Nominum
05/24/2012 A Report From iGR Confirms a Demographic Shift Toward Mobile Communications
05/23/2012 Encore Networks to Incorporate BANDIT Routers in New Product Suite
05/23/2012 New Survey on International Employee Absenteeism Addresses Sporting Events
05/21/2012 Conflicting Predictions in the Federal and Private Sector Over the Future of Government Telecommunications
05/21/2012 Mitek RDC Enables You to Cash Checks with Your Smartphone
05/17/2012 Apple Gets US Customs to Block HTC Smartphone Imports
05/15/2012 Americans More Enthusiastic About Green Energy than Previously Estimated
05/14/2012 Mobile iRepairDoc Fixes Your Busted iPhone or Your Money Back
05/09/2012 R1Soft Releases CDP 4.0 Add-On
05/08/2012 Kofax Document Management Services Breaks $1 Million in Revenue
05/08/2012 Amazon Appeals to Military Vets
05/04/2012 New Projectors by Epson Offer Solutions for Wide Variety of Public Events
05/04/2012 Sean MacNeill is CEO at Openwave Messaging, Inc.
05/04/2012 The EverFi Program Provides Basic Financial Education to High School Students
05/03/2012 The IBR600 is Cradlepoint's Newest M2M Solution
05/03/2012 Polycom Offers Distance Learning Solutions
05/01/2012 SourceRight Solutions, Randstad Managed Services Combine into 'Randstad Sourceright'
05/01/2012 Nokia Gets Closer to Offloading Vertu Luxury Phone Line
04/30/2012 Actel Adopts Pro-SCMS to Optimize its Short Codes, SMS Systems
04/27/2012 Ceva Announces Tech Demonstration at CTIA 2012
04/26/2012 Korean Tech Companies Like Hynix Continue to Flounder
04/26/2012 Genealogy Websites Merge
04/26/2012 Cassidian Communications Expands Coverage Range of Ontario Mounties' Walkie-Talkies
04/26/2012 Real-Time Cell Awareness Saves Money for Mobile Network Providers
04/25/2012 Web.com's SmartCalls Turns Every Mobile Device into a Billboard Ad
04/25/2012 Codethink Joins ARM Connected Community
04/25/2012 What's New in Sencha Architect 2
04/24/2012 Massachusetts Bay Area Transportation Authority Offers Ticketless Transit
04/24/2012 Snap Secure Offers Android Users Important Personal Security Tools
04/23/2012 Chinese Insurance Software Providers eBaoTech and ChinaSoft International Partner up
04/23/2012 IDC Releases New Data on Talent Management Companies
04/23/2012 LG and Ali Landry Discuss the Pressures of Working Parenthood
04/23/2012 AT&T Brings 4G Network Access to Canton, Ohio
04/20/2012 Arris, Sigma Work to Set Up Internet Resources in Latin America
04/20/2012 thinkpipes Offers the Tools Traders Need
04/19/2012 Morphlabs' mCloud Rack Enterprise Merges the Best Hardware With the Best Software
04/19/2012 New Technology Detects and Blocks Contraband Communications Devices in CA Prisons
04/18/2012 For Sale: Patented Ideas on LPPU Administration
04/18/2012 The Swivl Turns Your iPhone Into a Camera Crew
04/17/2012 Paladin Introduces Effective Case Management Strategy
04/17/2012 Peak10 to Open a Second Facility in Ft. Lauderdale
04/17/2012 State Collection Inc. to Build New Office in Wisconsin
04/13/2012 Infosys Company Loses Footing Due to American Visa Fees
04/13/2012 New Corp Gets 'Props' for Product Care Plan Development
04/13/2012 Bob Marley Documentary Set for Dual Release in Theatres and Stream on Facebook
04/11/2012 Chinese and South Korean Competition Varnish the Floor with Japanese Tech Companies
04/10/2012 BlackBerry Remains the Smartphone of Choice for Uncle Sam
04/09/2012 Microsoft Asks What You Would Do with More Free Time
04/05/2012 Mexico City Offers Citizens App for Predicting Earthquakes
04/05/2012 Online 'Linsanity' Over Recent Knee Injury
04/05/2012 Hang in There, Google Plus
04/05/2012 Google Announces Reality Augmenting Glasses
04/04/2012 Mobile Devices are a Network Security Blind Spot
04/02/2012 How Much Cool Can You Fit Through a Broadband Connection?
03/30/2012 CNBC Survey Concludes that Americans Buy Apple Products and Water is Wet
03/29/2012 Federal Government Wants to Privatize 95 MHZ of Their Own Bandwidth
03/29/2012 Tim Cook Dons the Chainmail to Face Labor Activists and Trademark Squatters
03/28/2012 WebHOSTING.net Introduces New Fleet of Nimble Storage Devices
03/27/2012 Angry Birds CMO Declares 'Franchise War'
03/27/2012 Biolargo Embarks on Campaign to Promote New Free-Iodine Solution
03/26/2012 Tim Cook's Visit to Beijing is a Milestone
03/23/2012 Polycom to Showcase RealPresence Teleconferencing Software at Enterprise Connect 2012
03/22/2012 Bluetooth Solutions You Need to Know About
03/22/2012 My Passport: Portable 2.5-Terabyte Hard Drive Hard Drive by Western Digital
03/21/2012 Prospero: a Cloud-Based, Scalable, Financial Tool Set by SAGE
03/21/2012 Zynga Gets Ready to Make Draw Something Company its Next Big Meal
03/20/2012 Wireless Standard is a New Solution for Cash Based Transactions
03/20/2012 ISC and IT-AAC Join to Fight Misdirected Federal Technology Spending
03/20/2012 ISCĀ² and IT-AAC Join to Fight Misdirected Federal Technology Spending
03/19/2012 MTV Invents a New Way to Spit on American Music
03/16/2012 BP to Fund Research Grant Component of PacX Project
03/16/2012 Apple Shares Break $600 as Retailers Gear Up For the New iPad Release - What Would Marx Say?
03/14/2012 Unconfirmed Source Claims Apple Dropped LG and Will Sign Samsung to Make New iPad Touch-Screens
03/14/2012 A New Report From Groom Energy Solutions Provides Valuable Insight on Power Conservation
03/14/2012 OKI Announces a New Innovation in Optical Data Transmission
03/14/2012 Frost & Sullivan Awards Intercall for Best Practices
03/12/2012 Qwilt to Release New Video Delivery Solution
03/09/2012 RRC Robotics Submarina Buys Two HD ROVs from Schilling Robotics
03/09/2012 New App Offers Hands-Free Smartphone Operation
03/09/2012 Drobo and Amazon Web Services to Provide a New Data Storage Solution for SMBs
03/08/2012 Quantas Airlines to Introduce Wi-Fi
03/08/2012 Advisors at Capital Investment to Adopt VisibleChoice Platform
03/08/2012 Scala Releases Advanced Analytics, an Innovative Digital Signage Platform
03/07/2012 Samsung Unveils Latest Smart TV Lineup

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