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Jacqueline Lee is a TMCnet contributor who has provided content to numerous Web clients and is an MFA candidate at Western Connecticut State University. Her background is in business and education.

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01/28/2014 Latin American Telecom Oi Optimizes Its Mobile Workforce With ClickSoftware Solutions
01/28/2014 Skypatrol Showcases Defender 2.0 at Battle of the Platforms in Miami
01/27/2014 Multi-Tech Announces Partnership with Aeris for Geo-Neutral M2M Application Deployment
01/25/2014 CaaS Week in Review
01/25/2014 Health Techzone Week in Review
01/22/2014 Telehealth from MDLIVE Could Seal Coverage Gaps in Many Health Insurance Policies
01/22/2014 Going Green Isn't the Best Reason to Go Paperless After All
01/20/2014 A New Look at Data Backup: Consolidated Approaches for Cloud, Mobile and Big Data
01/20/2014 Telemedicine Platforms: The Potential for WebRTC
01/18/2014 Health Techzone Week in Review
01/18/2014 CaaS Week in Review
01/18/2014 Dark Fiber Week in Review
01/17/2014 Health Techzone Week in Review
01/16/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Retailers Get Location-based Messaging Help from Direct Source, GPShopper
01/16/2014 Is Wearable Tech the Future of Banking?
01/15/2014 My Diabetes Home Adds Features to Improve Communication between Patients and Doctors
01/14/2014 Mobile Retail Solutions from Zebra Technologies Take the Stage at NRF 2014
01/14/2014 Health Techzone Week in Review
01/11/2014 Health Techzone Week in Review
01/11/2014 CaaS Week in Review
01/10/2014 Hoyos Labs Debuts Its Free HoyosID Biometrics App at CES 2014
01/10/2014 Marvell's Silicon and Software Solutions on Display at CES 2014
01/09/2014 New Allworx System Software Release Offers Easier VoIP Admin, More Flexible Dial Plan
01/09/2014 Forget BYOD: JOC (Join Our Cloud) is the New Office Communications Buzzword
01/08/2014 Net Medical Xpress Releases HIPAA-compliant WebRTC-enabled Telemedicine Solution
01/08/2014 Vibes CEO Honored for Taking Mobile Wallets Beyond Payments
01/07/2014 Bing Blang Blaow: Online Poker Could Open Money Laundering Floodgates for Terrorism
01/07/2014 Increase Employee Engagement by Making Video Conferencing Part of Workplace Culture
01/06/2014 Infor and ROI Healthcare Team Up to Streamline Healthcare Provider Workflows
01/06/2014 5 Product Activation Alternatives for Disconnected Environments
01/06/2014 Chic-Finder Fashion Search Engine App Is a Good Idea that Needs Some Love
01/06/2014 LG Brings Its OLED TV Product Line to Vegas for CES 2014
01/06/2014 Fitness Technologies Announces AM Module Add-on for Micro MP3 and FM Players
01/04/2014 Lync Migration Week in Review
01/03/2014 How Video Conferencing and the Paperless Office Are Creating a Greener Business Future
12/28/2013 Health Techzone Week in Review
12/24/2013 Crocodile's SDK Adds WebRTC to Your Website or App
12/23/2013 Robot Telemarketers: The Mysterious Tale of Samantha West
12/21/2013 WebRTC World Week in Review
12/21/2013 Health Techzone Week in Review
12/20/2013 Online and Mobile Holiday Sales: SMBs are Falling Behind
12/19/2013 Scripps Green Hospital Piloting Mobile Vital Signs Measurement
12/19/2013 BYOD and Enterprise App Stores Can Create Unexpected Software Licensing Risks
12/18/2013 Polycom Makes It Easier for London Children's Hospital to Perform Heart Surgeries
12/14/2013 Mobile Commerce Insider Week in Review
12/14/2013 Wearable Tech World Week in Review
12/13/2013 BluStor Secure Mobile Briefcase Combines Bluetooth, Smart Cards, Mobile Devices and Biometrics
12/13/2013 USDA Investing $50M in Rural Mental Health Treatment, Telemedicine
12/13/2013 Unlimited Call Recording Adds Value to Conferencing Plans
12/11/2013 Human Resources Increasingly Leveraging the Benefits of Video Conferencing
12/11/2013 Filip Technologies Attracts a Cool $8M for Its Wearable Smart Locator
12/11/2013 Making Patients Happy Equals Money in the Bank
12/11/2013 No More Analog Phone System: babyTEL Promotes VoIP 'Triple Play'
12/09/2013 Styletag App from SK Planet Allows Fashionistas to Browse, Share and Shop the Latest Fashions
12/09/2013 Zackees Turn Signal Gloves Revolutionize Safety for Cyclists, Skateboarders and Joggers
12/09/2013 Qualcomm Life Showcasing 2net and HealthyCircles Platforms at 2013 mHealth Summit
12/07/2013 Lync Migration Week in Review
12/07/2013 Network Packet Broker Week in Review
12/05/2013 Twitter's Board (Finally) Welcomes Its First Female Member
12/05/2013 Phone.com Snags Patent for Cost-Saving SMS Conferencing Innovation
12/05/2013 Serial Entrepreneur Hector Hoyos Perfects a Cost-effective Biometric Security Solution
12/05/2013 Aetna-CareCentrix Partnership Cuts Down on Hospital Readmission Rates
12/04/2013 Adobe Digital Index: Shoppers Spent $2.29B on Cyber Monday
12/04/2013 NXT-ID Announces 'Wocket,' a Mobile Wallet Within a Smart Card
12/04/2013 All That IT Professionals Want for Christmas Is a Unified Network View
12/04/2013 The Telemarketer's Essential Guide to Getting Past the Gatekeeper
12/04/2013 Third-Party Contact Center Providers Eyeing Healthcare in 2014
12/03/2013 Are You an Emotional Eater? There's a Bra for That, and Also an App
12/03/2013 Are You an Emotional Eater? There's a Bra for That … and Also an App
12/03/2013 Ovum: Over 2 Billion People Will Use Social Messaging Apps by the End of 2014
12/03/2013 FCC Faces Tough Choices Before 2014 Spectrum Auction
12/03/2013 Gartner: India Will Spend $4.2B on Cloud Services Over the Next Five Years
12/02/2013 Consumers Should Soften Their Attitudes Toward Telemarketers
12/02/2013 Level 3 May Have Helped NSA Spooks Spy on Google and Yahoo
12/02/2013 BlackBerry Plans to Expand BBM Channels to iOS and Android
12/02/2013 Tanaza Releases SysLog to Enable Data Retention for Wi-Fi Hotspots
12/02/2013 HP Unveils Enterprise-Class SDN Open Ecosystem Including Developer Kit and App Store
12/02/2013 Residents of Kuching Fight Tech Isolation and Flab with Indoor Recreation
11/30/2013 Unified Communications Week in Review
11/30/2013 Health Techzone Week in Review
11/27/2013 Microsoft Bashes Chromebook, Warns Consumers Not to Get 'Scroogled'
11/27/2013 FDA Asks 23andMe to Stop Marketing Mail Order DNA Tests
11/27/2013 Bad News for Barnes & Noble: Nook Sales Drop 32 Percent from 2012 Levels
11/27/2013 Call Center Reps Need Access to Customer Data
11/27/2013 Backup Connectivity Solutions to Keep Holiday Sales Humming
11/27/2013 Survey: Teens and Young Adults Prefer Physical Books to e-Books
11/26/2013 Retailers Must Prepare Their Mobile Apps for Hordes of Holiday Shoppers
11/26/2013 CloudPhone by ollo mobile Helps Families Care for Seniors
11/25/2013 ETIAM Teams With Vidyo to Enable Instant Second Opinions for Patients
11/25/2013 Acer Founder Stan Shih Swoops in to Save His Company
11/25/2013 Dropbox Updates Mobile App for iOS 7
11/25/2013 IBM and Marist Using SDN to Keep Datacenters Running During Disasters
11/25/2013 Consumers Targeted in Microsoft Tech Support Vishing Scam
11/23/2013 Microsoft Lync Solution News Week in Review
11/23/2013 Health Techzone Week in Review
11/22/2013 NTT DATA Strikes an Acquisition Deal with Optimal Solutions Integration
11/22/2013 How Software-Defined Networks Enhance Scalability
11/21/2013 Women Should 'Lean In' to Today's Tech Jobs
11/21/2013 Pinterest 'Place Pins' Aren't Quite Ready for Showtime
11/21/2013 Centrify Offers Identity-as-a-Service as Part of SaaS Version of User Suite

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