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Monica Gleberman began writing in 2000. She has been published on CNN and in the Suffolk Times, Examiner, The Daily Collegian, Demand Studios, Patch, and The Tattoo. She is currently a columnist for the Connecticut Post and a reporter for The Times Beacon Record. She holds a Master of Science in journalism and communications from Quinnipiac University and a Bachelor of Science in journalism and English from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Latest Articles

04/17/2014 Erongo Regional Electricity Distributor Launches New Contact Center
04/17/2014 Redline Extends RAS Service to Bring High Speed Internet to Remote Locations
04/14/2014 Capital Insurance Group and Guidewire Solutions Come Together On New Customer Platform
04/14/2014 The Internet of Things Market Set To Skyrocket By 2020
04/11/2014 New Governmental Contact Center Opens In Abu Dhabi
04/10/2014 New Governmental Contact Center Opens In Abu Dhabi
04/04/2014 Accenture and FirstEnergy Announce Strategic Partnership to Deploy Smart Meters
04/04/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: GE Healthcare Acquires CHCA Computer Systems to Gain Access to Its Opera Software
04/03/2014 ACTIVE Network Adds Swim Manager to Activity and Participant Solutions
03/18/2014 Discretix and Opera Software Form Strategic Partnership
03/18/2014 Esurance Offers Customers Real-time Appraisals Through Video Chat
03/17/2014 PetSmart Becomes First Retailer to Sell Whistle Monitor for Dogs
03/17/2014 New Bill Designed to Create Energy Efficient Call Centers
03/17/2014 DigitalOcean Startup Grows to Bring in Over $37 Million in Revenue
03/17/2014 Redbridge College Moves Accounting Services to the Cloud
03/17/2014 GnuTLS Flaw Puts Developers and Users at Risk
03/17/2014 Big Changes in TeleSales Needed to Keep Service Alive, in Demand
03/10/2014 Fiber Optic Networks Are Being Deployed Throughout Florida
03/10/2014 U.S.-based Call Center to Hire up to 1,000 Workers in Philippines
03/05/2014 Accusoft Releases Prizm Content Connect for SharePoint 2013
03/05/2014 Huawei Takes a Step Towards Revolutionizing Wearable Technology
02/28/2014 Aricent Group Releases High-performance M2M Services
02/28/2014 Facebook Ends Email Service to Focus More on Mobile Messaging
02/27/2014 The Growth of Connected Cars
02/27/2014 CounterPath Technology Creates Solution to Bridge Communications Gap
02/26/2014 G&D Technology Brings Contactless Payments to Australia
02/24/2014 The First HTML5-powered Virtual Desktop Launched By dinCloud
02/21/2014 University Takes Advantage of Everbridge During Campus Scare
02/19/2014 Comings & Goings: Matthew Vallance Named New CEO for HGS UK & Europe Offices
02/19/2014 Motorola and BlueStar Expand Successful Relationship Countrywide
02/18/2014 Chicago Mayor Creates Challenge for Local Technology Businesses
02/18/2014 Energy Star Gives Latest Certification to Assurants Solutions' Call Center
02/17/2014 Stay Safe: Keep Your Personal Information Secure
02/13/2014 Start-up Communications Company Sees Spike During London Tube Strike
12/05/2013 New Predictive Dialing Rules Leave Some Contact Centers Confused
12/05/2013 VoIP Services Help Companies Mobilize Their Employees
12/05/2013 It's All About VoIP on the Go
11/20/2013 WebRTC Offers Patients a New Way to Communicate with Their Doctors
11/08/2013 Convergence Solutions RCS Solution Gets Accredited By GSMA
11/08/2013 Convergence Solutions RCS Solution Get's Accredited By GSMA
10/31/2013 Interactive Intelligence CaaS Solution Wins TMC Cloud Computing Excellence Award
10/30/2013 Nectar Services Corp. Now Qualified with Lync, Named Depth Partner
10/30/2013 NTT Communication and Virtela Enter Into Mutually Beneficial Agreement
10/30/2013 Roseburg, Oregon, Grows as New Call Center Hub
10/29/2013 Care at Home Deploys AtHoc's Mobile Alert System
10/25/2013 Interactive Intelligence and OrgSpan Sign New Agreement
10/25/2013 Interactive Intelligence and OrgSpan Partner for Enhanced Social Customer Service Interactions
10/21/2013 Consumer Medical Devices Market Set to Reach $10.6B by 2017
10/18/2013 Zetes Incorporates Lumidigm V-Series Biometric Technology
10/18/2013 AvePoint Releases New Secure Solution for Businesses, AvePoint Perimeter
10/16/2013 Network Automation Releases Beta Version of AutoMate 10
10/16/2013 Mobile Call Recording Solutions a Must-Have for Businesses
10/12/2013 Machine to Machine Week in Review
10/12/2013 Lync Migration Week in Review
10/12/2013 Embedded M2M Solutions Week In Review
10/09/2013 Unified Communications is Changing the Way Call Centers Operate
10/09/2013 ADNEC Adds New Capabilities to Its Call Center
10/05/2013 Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review
10/05/2013 Lync Migration Week in Review
10/03/2013 inContact To Host Call Center Software Solution Webinar
09/30/2013 VoIP-Pal.com Earns New Patents for E911 Technology
09/30/2013 Hospitals Invest in Life-Saving Video and Data Technology
09/30/2013 HireIQ Solutions Receives $1.5 Million Investment from TechOperators
09/30/2013 Online Processing in High Demand as Spindle, MerchantPlus Forge Partnership
09/28/2013 Call Center Software Week in Review
09/28/2013 Lync Migration Week in Review
09/28/2013 Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review
09/27/2013 Victoria Beckham to Make Documentary Using Skype
09/26/2013 Apriorit Advances in VIMo Technology
09/25/2013 Foundation Financial Group Completes VoIP Conversion
09/25/2013 RedSky Introduces New E911 Solution
09/25/2013 Android Users Can Now Lock Down, Virtually Wipe Mobile Devices
09/25/2013 Airports and Airlines Continue To Disappoint Mobile Obsessed Consumers
09/25/2013 Insured Spend Almost $5000 Out-Of-Pocket
09/25/2013 Employees Don't Get Access to Latest Tech Devices at Work
09/21/2013 Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review
09/21/2013 Lync Migration Week in Review
09/17/2013 The TCPA Updates Outbound Dialing Legislation and Consumer Protection
08/31/2013 Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review
08/31/2013 Lync Migration Week in Review
08/29/2013 Battle of the Platforms Recognizes Xively and Etherios M2M Technology
08/29/2013 Black Turtle Services Hiring 1,000 Utah Employees for New Call Center
08/29/2013 Equinox Global Telecommunications Expands Dark Fiber Technology
08/27/2013 Call Centers Face Some Backlash from Disgruntled Employees
08/24/2013 Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review
08/22/2013 Motorola Solutions' Study Links Technology and Warehouse Expansion
08/22/2013 Ad-Dispatch and Walmart Team Up on 'Man of Steel' App
08/21/2013 Cloud Contact Center Provider NewVoiceMedia Opens North American Headquarters
08/20/2013 MS LifeLine Continues To Offer Multiple Sclerosis-Affected Call Center Resources
08/19/2013 Keep Your Mobile Data Safe in a Few Steps
08/19/2013 WinTech LLC and Olea Partner to Bring More Self-Service Kiosks to Market
08/19/2013 Ingram Micro and SquareTrade Sign Multi-Year Agreement
08/17/2013 Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review
08/17/2013 Lync Migration Week in Review
08/12/2013 Call Centers Open in Spain with Hopes of Boosting Economy
08/10/2013 Embedded M2M Solutions Week in Review
08/10/2013 Lync Migration Week in Review
08/08/2013 American Airlines and AwardWallet Form Strategic Partnership for AAdvantage
08/06/2013 Kohls Set to Hire Additional 500 Employees for Its Wisconsin Center
08/06/2013 AT&T Tops Customer Service Survey, First Time in 10 Years

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