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Deborah DiSesa Hirsch is an award-winning health and technology writer who’s worked for newspapers, magazines and IBM in her 20-year career. Her vast experiences have helped her learn how to explain complex concepts in user-friendly language, whether it’s how to merge yoga and Pilates in ways that aren’t too painful, or how to treat low libido in men and women or analyze millions of pieces of data to lead to better diagnosis and treatment of disease.

In her spare time, she edits a newspaper for Newfield Elementary School students and has helped some discover a real love of words (while writing about pet guinea pigs having multiple babies, then dying, as guinea pigs do; valuing your own luck in life – after all, you could be living in Japan – and, her favorite, ghosts and goblins and witches all fighting over Twitter).

Her love of health and all things medical comes from a personal place. Surviving cancer twice, she appreciates more than most the advances in health care that give us life.


Latest Articles

10/04/2012 Mazor Robotics Secures First Tranche of Its Financing Deal with Investors
10/03/2012 Health Insurers Marketing to Poorer, Less Educated as Insurance Expands
10/03/2012 New Breast Cushion Makes Mammography More Comfortable
10/03/2012 C Spire Wireless Matches its PERCs Members' Donations to American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Walk
10/02/2012 New Mobile App Lets Shoppers Choose Healthiest Foods
10/02/2012 Nuance and JATA Partner to Help with ICD-10 Transition
10/02/2012 Langone's Robotic Surgery Center Winds Up its Second Year of Educating Surgeons
10/02/2012 Hospital Association Purchases Cyber Liability Insurance to Protect Against Breaches
10/02/2012 New Software Can Assess Athletes' Skulls Right After Concussions
10/02/2012 BeyondTrust Releases New Version of Retina Community
10/02/2012 Kaiser Permanente Study Shows People with Diabetes do Better when EHRS Used
10/02/2012 Dazzling New Medical Devices in Skin, Now Including Electronics
10/02/2012 IBM and UPMC Join, Using Data Analytics to Provide Personalized Patient Care
10/02/2012 FDA Rules on Blindness-Prevention Eye Prosthesis, Cardiac Implants
10/01/2012 Republicans Angry Some Health Exchange Money Used for 'Propaganda'
10/01/2012 Hospital Association Fires Back at Feds for 'Upcoding' Criticism
10/01/2012 BeyondTrust Upgrades Its Biometric Tool for Security Intelligence
09/29/2012 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
09/28/2012 No Callbacks, Messages or Pages needed - IQMAX Helps Doctors Stay in Touch in Real-Time
09/28/2012 In Light of Scandals, European Commission Strengthening Implantable Device Regulations
09/28/2012 Telemedicine and mHealth Paving the Way for Better Healthcare, Lower Costs
09/28/2012 India Hot on Our Heels with Mobile Phones and mHealth Use
09/28/2012 Faxing Over Internet Popular, Preferred in Healthcare Today
09/28/2012 Big Firms Changing the Way they Cover Health Insurance
09/27/2012 Medical Alarm Concepts Now Marketing Services in Ireland
09/27/2012 New App Translates, Gets Help for the Ill in a Foreign Country
09/27/2012 Congress Considering Special Role for FDA to Approve mHealth Apps
09/27/2012 MBANS Can Save Lives
09/27/2012 NJ Hospital Stays in Touch with Patients after Hospital Stays
09/27/2012 New App Translates and Finds Help When Ill in a Foreign Country
09/27/2012 Stunning Number of Companies Pursue mHealth without Clear Reasons for Doing So
09/27/2012 Plan Now for Disaster When Setting Up Health Information Exchanges
09/27/2012 Medtech Makers Say Device Tax will Cripple Business; Others Disagree
09/26/2012 Doctors Agree with New York Mayor; Government Should Regulate Unhealthy Foods
09/26/2012 Consumer-Driven Healthcare: Good or Bad?
09/26/2012 What's in a Name? Maybe, Acceptance of Health Insurance Exchanges
09/26/2012 Electronic Health Records Solve Hospital's Real-Time Access Problem
09/25/2012 States Fights Health Insurance Exchanges Openly, but Not Behind Closed Doors
09/25/2012 FCC Group Shares Recommendations on Improving Access to mHealth
09/25/2012 Varonis Helps Isis Pharmaceutical Track Who's Looking at What Files
09/25/2012 Survey Finds Most Trust the PC for Healthcare Info Access
09/25/2012 Tumor Testing Device May Break New Ground for Cancer Treatment
09/25/2012 Medical Device Makers' Pocket Grow Fat Along with Americans
09/25/2012 Big Data and its Analysis Revolutionizing Healthcare
09/25/2012 Healthcare a Good Place to Invest? You Bet.
09/25/2012 Use of Electronic Health Records Showing Some Cracks
09/25/2012 Charges for Most Expensive ER Services Doubled, Ultimately Hurting Taxpayers and Elderly
09/25/2012 Hospital Consolidation Was a Good Idea, but Not So Much Anymore
09/25/2012 If States Opt Out of Medicaid Expansion, Premiums for Others May Rise
09/24/2012 Hello Dr. Robot, Goodbye Surgeon? Not Yet
09/24/2012 X-rays Gone Wild! At Least, for Some
09/24/2012 Twitter Making Inroads in Healthcare
09/24/2012 MMR Global Receives Patent to Protect EHR Technology
09/24/2012 Hospital Centralizes Patient Data Management for Security, Privacy
09/22/2012 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
09/20/2012 FCC Finalizes Frequency for Medical Body Area Networks
09/20/2012 NIH Office Looking for Organizations to Help Get Started with mHealth
09/20/2012 Predict Whether You'll Have a Stroke? Or Prevent it? IndiGO Tells How
09/20/2012 SuccessEHS Announces Promotions to Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Business, Other Departments
09/20/2012 Feds to Collect Almost $7 Billion in Tax Penalties from Medically Uninsured
09/20/2012 Oklahoma Fighting Healthcare Reform, with a Twist
09/20/2012 CommUnityCare Working with Nextgen to Improve Revenue Cycle Management
09/20/2012 Palomar Health Using Cisco's Network Solutions to Improve New Medical Center
09/20/2012 Arkansas Medical School to Use Video Conference Scheduling Program to Improve State's Health
09/19/2012 Hospitals, Physicians Considering Merging in Massachusetts to Cut Costs, Improve Services
09/19/2012 Automating Fluctuating Workflows a New Avenue for Healthcare IT
09/19/2012 We're Obese, but Does Our Budget Need to Be?
09/18/2012 Kaiser Permanente Colorado Acknowledged as Keeping Members Healthier
09/18/2012 Xerox and HealthPlan Services Helping Insurers Get Set Up, Work with Exchanges
09/18/2012 Vermont Opting - or Hoping - for Single-Payer Healthcare System
09/18/2012 Pathway Genetics and MD Revolution Join to Help People Manage Healthy Behaviors
09/18/2012 Beam and Saucony Team Up to Fight Childhood Obesity with New Running App
09/18/2012 Personal Health Records Empowering Patients, Changing Healthcare
09/17/2012 Not So, Say Medical Device Makers, When Told New Tax is in Exchange for Millions of New Patients
09/17/2012 More Low Income Seniors Helped by Medicare Savings Program
09/17/2012 Blue Button EHR Technology Should be Offered to All: Mostashari
09/17/2012 California Moves Forward on Health Insurance Exchanges
09/17/2012 No Cap on Meaningful Use Incentives, But More Doctors Need to Apply
09/17/2012 Funds Allocated to Clinics in Three States for Telemonitoring of Veterans
09/17/2012 Women - Not Knowing - Still Drink during Pregnancy, Now Bars Help Out
09/17/2012 Medicare Could Lose $11.1B if Deficit Reduction Law Goes into Effect
09/17/2012 Secure, Private Faxes Critical to Enterprises and Healthcare Today
09/17/2012 Healthcare Data Breaches Down, But People Affected? Exploding!
09/15/2012 HealthTech Zone Week in Review
09/13/2012 Telemedicine Units to be Set Up in Africa to Provide Remote Care to Population
09/13/2012 Royal Philips to Donate 1,000,000th Defibrillator to Rescue Unit
09/13/2012 Son Uses Kinect to Help Mom Get Back on Her Feet Emotionally after Stroke
09/13/2012 Texas and Louisiana Receive Grant to Provide Telemedicine Services to Rural and Underserved Communities
09/13/2012 Employers Face Eight Percent Increase in Healthcare Costs Next Year
09/12/2012 CDW Healthcare Receives HealthTrust Vendor Excellence Award for Second Year
09/12/2012 For Those in Early Recovery from Detox, Telemedicine Provides Safe Way to Heal
09/12/2012 Wear a Robot? It's Here, and Helping the Disabled Walk Again
09/12/2012 Toshiba Helps Lifelong Medical Center Upgrade Its Network to Better Connect Administrators, Staff and Patients
09/12/2012 Core Health Technologies Now Setting Its Sights on Providing Health Information Security
09/12/2012 New Apps Let You Look Inside the Body, Research Diseases, and Learn about Generic Brands
09/12/2012 Accountable Care Organizations Already Able to Reduce Healthcare Costs
09/11/2012 PatientPoint and Cornerstone Working Together on Patient Engagement
09/11/2012 Medical Device User Fees Could Fall Under the Budget Ax - or Logjam
09/11/2012 Arkansas Rising Out of Its Image as Poorest, Sickest State with Slick New HIE
09/11/2012 Health Insurance Costs for Workers Only Inching Up, But Fewer Employers Paying

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