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Ms. Graham is a writer and editor with a broad publishing background and a current focus on health and wellness. In addition to in creating the irreverent health blog Cranky Fitness, she has contributed to a number of popular health and fitness websites. Ms. Graham, a former attorney, was an editor for various legal publications at Thomson West Publishing before moving into the field of counseling psychology as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


Latest Articles

02/10/2011 Health Innovation Report Supports Collaboration to Conquer Alzheimer's Disease
02/10/2011 Connected and Mobile Health Services Will Generate Billions in New Revenues by 2015
01/20/2011 EHR Meaningful Use for Stage 2 Open to Electronic Record User Recommendations
01/18/2011 Medical Imaging Scan Devices Receive Diagnostic Boost from GE Healthcare's DaTscan
12/22/2010 Gene Therapy Advances Kidney Cancer Treatment
12/09/2010 New Federal Reports Provide Guidance on EHR Usability
12/08/2010 Mobile Health Apps Impact Patient, Physicians and Pharma Behavior
09/29/2010 Mobile Technology Is Creating New Health Problems
09/24/2010 Radiation Device Promises Faster, More Accurate Cancer Treatments
09/20/2010 Robotic System Revolutionizes Throat Cancer Surgery
09/15/2010 Telehealth Consultations Could Improve Stroke Treatment in U.S.
09/13/2010 Hospital CIO's "Cautiously Optimistic" About Meeting EHR Meaningful Use
09/09/2010 Unlocking Speech: Microelectrodes Translate Brain Signals into Words
09/07/2010 Stethoscope iPhone App Appeals to Doctors But Not Regulators
08/25/2010 Doctors Love Smartphones, Creating Hospital IT Dilemma
08/24/2010 Wireless Sensor Nodes for Medical Devices: Ten Times Smaller?
08/19/2010 EHR's Lack Sufficient "Meaningful Use" Quality Measures
08/18/2010 Proteus "Raisin" Ingestible Sensor System Approved in Europe
08/17/2010 Nanotube-Enzyme Coating Kills MRSA Safely on Contact
08/16/2010 NGS Awarded $5.5M Contract for Meaningful Use Payment Processing
08/13/2010 Med Students Want More Video Games for Medical Education
08/12/2010 Mental Health Providers, Multi-Campus Hospitals May Get EHR Incentives
08/10/2010 Innovations in Regenerative Medicine: Lab Grows New Organs
08/10/2010 Hand Prosthesis With Stimulation Unit Eases Phantom Pain
08/06/2010 Innovative Portable Microscope Detects TB Cheaply, Accurately
08/06/2010 E-health Study: Caregivers' Use of Online Health Information
08/06/2010 E-health Study: Caregivers' Use of Online Health Information
08/06/2010 Medical Device To Detect Early Labor, Prevent Premature Births
08/04/2010 Healthcare Providers Debate mHealth Opportunities, Obstacles at Leadership Summit
08/04/2010 HHS Withdraws Controversial Breach Notification Rule under HITECH
07/30/2010 World Congress Holds Leadership Summit on Mobile Health
07/30/2010 World Congress Holds Leadership Summit on Mobile Health Medical Devices
07/29/2010 Implantable Glucose Sensor Lasts More Than a Year
07/28/2010 "Sniff Controller" Device Lets Disabled Write, Use Wheelchairs
07/27/2010 AMA on Meaningful Use: Improvements Seen, But Barriers Remain
07/27/2010 DizzyFIX Device Treats Vertigo at Home
07/26/2010 FDA Filing Announced For Diabetic Remote Patient Monitoring System
07/26/2010 Consumer DNA Tests May Face "Medical Device" Regulation
07/26/2010 Headset Reads Users Thoughts to Control Computers, Wheelchairs
07/23/2010 Headset Reads Users Thoughts to Control Computers, Wheelchairs
07/20/2010 Dissolving Microneedle Patch May Provide Painless Self-Administered Vaccines
07/20/2010 Remote Patient Monitoring Technology Grants Awarded
07/19/2010 Survey: Physician Use of EHR's Shows Dramatic Increase
07/19/2010 "Terahertz Gap" Radiation Targets Cancer, Oil Spills
07/16/2010 Bioject Delivers Infant Vaccines Via Needle-Free Injection
07/15/2010 Telemedicine, Remote Health Monitoring Reduce Cancer Pain and Depression
07/15/2010 Molecular Medicine: Can Physicians Keep Pace?
07/14/2010 Meaningful Use of Electronic Health Records: Final Rules Issued
07/13/2010 Joint Venture to Develop Wireless Health Monitoring Devices
07/13/2010 Avaya Leverages IT for Mobile Health Solutions
07/12/2010 Wound Dressing Uses Medical Nanotechnology to Detect, Treat Infection
07/08/2010 FDA Approves VisionCare Telescope Implant for Macular Degeneration
07/08/2010 Integrated EHR/Patient Portal offered by Spring Medical, NoMoreClipboard
07/06/2010 "Lung on a Chip" as Pharmaceutical Testing Alternative
07/06/2010 What Does "Health 2.0" Mean?
07/06/2010 Geomedicine: How Does Geography Affect Health?
07/02/2010 Imaging System Turns Digital Camera into Cancer Detector
07/01/2010 Mobile Health Platform Lets Patients Manage Prescriptions via Smartphone
07/01/2010 Roadside Medical Expands, Bringing Telemedicine, EMR, to Truckers
07/01/2010 Mobile Phone Accessory Provides Inexpensive Vision Tests
06/30/2010 Proteus Aims to Boost IQ of Prescription Drugs
06/08/2010 Sleep Apnea: Higher Health Risks, New Treatments
06/08/2010 Glucose Monitoring for Children: Game On?

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