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Ed Silverstein is an award-winning reporter and editor, who has written for newspapers, national business magazines and online news sites. He has covered technology, business, legal issues, national politics and several other topics. He received a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard.


Latest Articles

04/16/2014 TalkTalk, BSkyB Partner on Superfast Broadband Project in York, UK
04/16/2014 UC, VoIP Threats Have Evolved
04/16/2014 Secure Designs' Vulnerability Management Solution Lowers Security Risks for Networks
04/16/2014 HTH Chooses Cognizant for Mobile Healthcare Partnership
04/15/2014 Apple, Intel Say No to Intellectual Ventures
04/11/2014 Big Data Virtualization Appears to be Hot Trend
04/11/2014 Partnership Between MindLink Software, Wizor AS Expands Enterprise Chat Across Nordic Nations
04/11/2014 IPC, TeleWare Group Partner on Mobile Call Compliance Technology
04/11/2014 Agency Handles Thousands of Calls from French Jews Looking to Immigrate to Israel
04/11/2014 Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (Orion) Conducts Successful Field Test of 400G
04/11/2014 Tuenti VoIP Service Now Compatible with Web
04/10/2014 Lightroom Mobile for iPad Now Offered by Adobe
04/10/2014 Internet of Things Finds Promise with Prodea Systems
04/10/2014 WhatsApp Offers Prepaid SIMs in Germany on E-Plus
04/07/2014 Android Operating System May Soon See Improvements with Project Hera
04/05/2014 Machine to Machine Solutions Week in Review
04/04/2014 Ministry of Health Optimizes Data Center, WAN Services Thanks to Allot Solutions
04/03/2014 Connectloud Launches First Product Called uCloud
04/03/2014 Do You Have a Customer-Experience Driven Contact Center? You Can.
04/03/2014 Telarus Now Includes ViaWest in Data Center Portfolio
04/03/2014 FCC Continues to Review Spectrum Use
04/03/2014 Customers Rely on PortaOne for Billing, Softswitch Solutions
04/03/2014 vMobile Lets Vitelity Revolutionize Cell Phones for Business Use
04/03/2014 Super Wi-Fi Provides Alternative Wireless Access
04/03/2014 Super Wi-Fi Provides Many More Opportunities in Telecom
04/03/2014 Ciena Helps Unlock the Potential of Networks for Data Center Networking
04/01/2014 Thinking Cap Can Increase Learning Speed
03/28/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Lithium Technologies Acquires Klout
03/28/2014 Candy Crush Saga Not Sweet Enough for Investors
03/28/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Mobile App Sector Development Continues to Grow with AppGyver Raising $2.5M from Investors
03/28/2014 Location-based Service Revenue in Europe, North America Predicted to Jump
03/27/2014 Amazon, Google Cut Prices on Cloud Computing
03/27/2014 Multi-Tech Systems Is on the Cutting Edge for Connected Products
03/25/2014 2014 is the Year of WebRTC for Contact Centers
03/25/2014 MarketUS Helps Companies Generate Business with the Federal Government
03/25/2014 Spindle is Changing the Way Consumers Shop
03/25/2014 SimpleSignal Reveals Unified Tech of the Future Today
03/24/2014 Could, Should Eric Schmidt Become CEO of America?
03/21/2014 Former Microsoft Employee Allegedly Leaked Windows 8 Code
03/21/2014 Jury Patent Decision: Google Has to Pay $85M to SimpleAir
03/21/2014 snom's 715 Phone Meets Needs of Enterprises
03/21/2014 Number of Mobile Video Calling Users Predicted to Jump to over 130M by 2018
03/20/2014 IP Fax, Going Paperless Beats Out Traditional Fax Printing
03/20/2014 Illegal Growing Operation Cause of Power Outage
03/20/2014 How Businesses May Want to Make the Move to Virtualization
03/19/2014 NWave Explains How it Provides More Economical, Efficient M2M Technology
03/19/2014 iQsim Makes it Easier to Send out Millions of Messages
03/19/2014 Phonamations Shows How to Make On-hold Time More Valuable
03/19/2014 Skypatrol Soars during ITEXPO Miami
03/19/2014 Telinta Highlights Benefits of Cloud-based Services During ITEXPO
03/18/2014 FCC Certifies Wilson Electronics' Signal Boosters
03/18/2014 Xively Brings the Internet of Things Alive in Demo
03/18/2014 Xorcom Sees Interest from Video Conferencing
03/18/2014 Pegasystems Helps Organizations, Individuals Take Advantage of the Process of Everything
03/18/2014 ADTRAN Continues to Reinvent the Network
03/17/2014 Big Data, BYOD Most Prominent Trends Cited by India's CIOs
03/14/2014 Strong Customer Service Crucial for E-Commerce
03/14/2014 The Importance of a Superior Customer Experience
03/14/2014 Contact Center Agents Likely to Take Gamification Seriously
03/13/2014 What to Consider When Selecting an Outbound Call Center Service Provider
03/12/2014 Continued Controversy in Turkey Underscores the Delicacy of Call Recording
03/12/2014 5 Benefits for Businesses That Switch to Virtual PBX
03/12/2014 Combining Visual Analytics with Real-Time Machine Data
03/12/2014 IP PBX Offers Many Benefits for Business Users
03/11/2014 Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei and Cisco Get Top Spots on Mobile Backhaul Wireline Survey
03/11/2014 ASIC Network Application Analytics Improves Performance
03/11/2014 Strike at IBM Subsidiary in China over Severance Package Dispute Enters Second Week
03/11/2014 Facebook Will Pay for Full-time Police Officer Assigned to Neighborhood near Company Headquarters
03/10/2014 New Reality: Virtualization Specialists May Need to Know More about Networks
03/10/2014 Business Continuity Week Reminds Business: Expect the Unexpected
03/08/2014 VoIP Routers Week in Review
03/08/2014 Lync Voice UC Week in Review
03/07/2014 Enhanced UMTS Test Tools Announced by GL Communications
03/07/2014 U.S. Government Sues Sprint for Alleged Overcharging on Court-ordered Wiretaps
03/06/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Shutterstock to Acquire WebDAM
03/06/2014 Kontron, Salesforce.com Collaborate on Internet of Things, Internet of Customer Initiatives
03/06/2014 KORE, B&B Electronics Partner on M2M Solution
03/06/2014 There Could Be Modest Growth in Server Shipments This Year, but Revenues Will Likely Drop
03/06/2014 Ecrio Demonstrates Nimbus, Cloud-based Solution for VoLTE, RCS
03/06/2014 ip.access Announces New Breed of 'Presence' Small Cells
03/06/2014 Russians Allegedly Engage in Cyber Attacks, Tech Tampering against Ukrainians
03/06/2014 MasterCard, Syniverse Developing New Services Based on Location of User, Mobile Device
03/05/2014 Anturis Launches New Version of IT Monitoring Solution for SMBs
03/04/2014 U.S. House Approves Compromise Cell Phone Unlocking Bill
03/03/2014 Google Gives Millions of Dollars to Fund Free Transit Rides for Needy Youth - as Tech Company Tries to Improve its Local Image
03/01/2014 VoIP Routers Week in Review
03/01/2014 Lync Voice UC Week in Review
02/28/2014 Safe-T Box 5.0 Data Exchange Platform Now Offered
02/28/2014 2013 Was a Year to Remember for NAND eMMC Memory
02/28/2014 Ericsson Focusing More on IT Services
02/28/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: Ericsson, Telefonica Partner on R&D Initiative for NFV
02/27/2014 Syntonic Wireless Comes up with Cloud-based Connected Services Platform
02/27/2014 More Demand for Ethernet Test Equipment with Market Predicted to Jump to $1.41B in 2017
02/26/2014 Tech Sector May See More Big Mergers in 2014
02/26/2014 Tilera, Procera Networks Offer DPI-on-a-NIC for SDN/NFV
02/25/2014 Comings & Goings: ValidSoft Names Chief Product Officer
02/25/2014 Apple, Samsung Remain in Patent Dispute after Negotiations Fail
02/22/2014 VoIP Routers Week in Review
02/22/2014 Lync Voice UC Week in Review
02/21/2014 Samsung, University of California Set Up Digital Health Innovation Lab

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