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Paul Lohnes Info

Infinet Technologies

Paul Lohnes, a 26 year veteran of the computer/telephony/IP industry, began his communications career in the US Navy followed by a 3 year stint at the UC Berkeley EECS (electrical engineering & computer science) department where he taught CS courses and assisted with the BSD version of UNIX in the early 1980’s. Upon leaving UCB, Mr. Lohnes paired his BS(CS) from the Regents College of State of NY with an MBA in Finance from Golden Gate University, an oddity at the time, in order to give him insight into the business uses of computing and communications technology.

Forming his own consulting firm, Infinet Technologies, Mr. Lohnes has provided many organizations with communications technology and training solutions for over 2 decades. Mr. Lohnes is a staunch believer in Occam’s Razor, “…simpler is usually better…” and seeks to provide such expertise to his clients and readers. He is currently on an extended technical pilgrimage outside the USA thereby using the vast capabilities of the Internet to remain connected and useful to both his clients and family.


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