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Berthold Hofmann Info


Berthold Hofmann has served as Chief Technology Officer for ASC since January 2009. Prior to that, he led the company’s research-and-development department for five years, starting in 2003.

Before joining ASC, Mr. Hofmann held a series of prominent positions at Honeywell from 1981 to 2002. Most recently, he led a program at the Honeywell Center for Advanced Solutions for the development and product management of planning software for automation projects. He also worked there as Senior Program Manager for the development of large distributed building-control systems.

Earlier assignments included additional department and project leadership roles in the field of automation. Mr. Hofmann started with Honeywell as a Software Development Engineer.

Mr. Hofmann’s current skills and certification include non-technical expertise in strategic value selling, total quality management, and intellectual property management. His technology background also encompasses concept engineering and user-centered design.

Mr. Hofmann holds a degree in electrical and telecommunications engineering from the University of Applied Science in Dieburg, Germany.


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