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Bob Emmerson is an English national living in the Netherlands. He has a degree in electronic engineering and mathematics from London University and now works as an all-round freelance writer, focusing on Information and Communications Technology. He has written articles and columns for a number of international publications, most of which are (sadly) no longer with us, e.g. Byte: an IT bible.

In former lives Bob was a designer of digital control systems, a journalist, and then a copywriter. For a number of years he ran his own advertising/pr agency in Brussels: clients included ITT Europe, Philips, Intel and The Financial Times. In addition to creating numerous sales brochures/leaflets/presentations and writing press releases and press kits, he wrote three market reports for the Financial Times and co-authored two books on IP Communications.


Latest Articles

10/21/2013 A Smarter Way to Save Energy
10/17/2013 TRS-Star's Flexible Smart GPRS Data Gateway
10/08/2013 Camgian Selects ThingWorx for Next-Gen M2M Solution
09/30/2013 Xively Helps Elektron Technology Speed Time-to-Market for IoT Services
09/27/2013 Turnkey Managed Security Platform for ISPs
09/17/2013 Analysts Upbeat Despite Mixed Response to EU's 'Connected Continent' Proposal
09/17/2013 Lantronix and Wyless Deliver 3.5G Cellular Solution Bundle
09/11/2013 Telit's 3G Module Employs VQFN Mounting Technology
09/11/2013 Novatel Wireless Announces Restructuring
08/23/2013 M2M Drives Big Data
08/16/2013 Resistive RAM for Portable Devices
08/08/2013 Bluetooth Does Dental Care
08/02/2013 M2M in Space
08/01/2013 Eclipse M2M Initiative Gains Momentum
07/30/2013 Spreading the Message, Internally
07/30/2013 Quick Integration of Machine Data with Computer Apps
07/29/2013 Isotrak and Wireless Logic Sign $2.9m Connectivity Deal
07/25/2013 Shell Launches Telematics Solution for Heavy Goods Vehicles
07/17/2013 Extreme's Open Fabric Architecture Validated for VSPEX
06/13/2013 SDN in the Local Loop
06/03/2013 Ethernet Forty Years On
05/06/2013 V2X: Building the Infrastructure
05/02/2013 Eurotech Extends Its Passenger Counting Family
04/30/2013 New PV Generation and Consumption Monitoring System
04/29/2013 M2M Gets Seriously Smart
04/16/2013 Telic Expands Telematics Market
03/11/2013 Bringing M2M Back to Basics
02/27/2013 M2M Does 3D-SiP
02/06/2013 V2X is Coming Down the Road
01/15/2013 M2M Meets Social Networks
12/17/2012 M2M Does 3D-SiP
11/13/2012 Oysters and Other Mollusks as Environmental Sensors
11/06/2012 Taking MPLS to the Edge
10/30/2012 M2M: A Market On The Move
07/05/2012 Lighting up the Cloud
06/13/2012 Modular M2M Makes Sense
05/21/2012 Support for Deployment of OpenFlow-Based SDN
05/14/2012 M2M's Inflection Points
04/26/2012 EnOcean Starts Education Program
04/18/2012 NEC and Wyless Form Strategic Service Partnership
04/16/2012 EnOcean's Technology is an International Standard
04/16/2012 Telenor Connexion Enables Global Wildlife Tracking
04/16/2012 AboveNet Goes Dutch, Delivers 100Gbps Connectivity
04/11/2012 GoGrid's High Performance Platform for Predictive Analytics
04/10/2012 Global M2M Subscriber Base Exceeds 100 Million
04/05/2012 Numerex has New Location-based Services Platform
03/29/2012 Wyless Partners with CradlePoint
03/28/2012 Eurotech Announces Biometric Face Recognition Systems
03/15/2012 Short Takes from CeBIT
03/15/2012 Turkey's First Machine-to-Machine Platform
03/05/2012 M2M Goes Plug and Play
03/05/2012 M2M Goes Plug & Play
03/02/2012 A Pragmatic Take on LTE Developments
02/28/2012 MEF and Bob Metcalfe Announce Carrier Ethernet 2.0
02/28/2012 Digi Enables Internet of AnyThing
02/28/2012 Rugged Industrial Computer for Demanding M2M Applications
02/16/2012 MACH Helps M2M Service Providers Reduce Fraud Losses
02/03/2012 Telit Facilitates 'Smart Farm' in South Korea
01/17/2012 XConnect Partners with DE-CIX, Creates Germany's First NGN/VoIP Federation
01/17/2012 New Focus Group on the M2M Service Layer
01/09/2012 Comcast Cable Selects GreenPeak Chipset
01/04/2012 Why M2M Needs LTE and Vice Versa
01/03/2012 New Chip for ZigBee RFCE Remote Controls
12/08/2011 New MSP Program for Wi-Fi Services Market
11/28/2011 Third Generation of its Mechanical Energy Converters
11/17/2011 More Modular Wireless Switches from Xirrus
11/14/2011 Game-changing Mindsets: Virtual Contact Center
11/10/2011 Telenor Connexion Connects Renault Cars
11/09/2011 Assured Global Transportation
11/09/2011 Enterprise Ethernet Service Enables Distributed Data Centers
11/08/2011 Wyless and Maingate Collaborate
11/07/2011 Shorter Times to Market
10/24/2011 M2MApps: A Global Encyclopedia
10/17/2011 Insurance Telematics Solutions Employ Telenor Connexion
10/12/2011 SensorLogic Partners with ClearConnex
10/10/2011 Infoblox Addresses Exploding Network Load
10/07/2011 Riding the Embedded Systems Wave
10/07/2011 Business Ethernet Services Set to Reach $44B by 2014
10/07/2011 98 Billion Mobile App Downloads in 2015
09/29/2011 Mobile Device & Application Management
09/27/2011 Small Businesses are Big Business
09/27/2011 Sensinode and Telenor Objects Team Up
09/27/2011 Numerex Sensinode and Telenor Objects Team Up
09/26/2011 Cheap Calls: Rich Features
09/21/2011 Industries Want Open, Versatile M2M Platforms and Services
09/21/2011 Healthy HSPA/LTE Stats for PC Broadband in Europe
09/21/2011 The IVR Landscape: It's Changing
09/01/2011 M2M Comms in Smart Cities: The Next Wave
08/25/2011 Sensinode Unveils NanoServices Strategy
08/17/2011 Unleashing the Internet of Things
08/15/2011 Smart Street Lighting in the UK
08/04/2011 Numerex Announces OEM Rebate Program
08/02/2011 Sierra Offers Certified 4G Modules on LTE Networks
08/02/2011 Wi-Fi Version of Popular XBee Module
07/27/2011 GreenPeak Launches ZigBee RF4CE USB Stick
07/20/2011 Seriously Smart Software for M2M Data
07/20/2011 Seriously Smart Software for M2M Data
07/19/2011 M2M in the Cloud: No. 2 Monetizing NGNs
07/19/2011 Modules: A Constant in a Fast-Changing M2M Environment
07/18/2011 Real-time Monitoring Keeps it Cool

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