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Gary Kim writes regularly in the mobile, mobile payments, mobile marketing, mobile banking, IP communications and broader communications industries. He writes for Carrier Evolution, TMCnet, Mobile Marketing & Technology, EtherNews and IP Carrier content sites, with and a primary focus on business models, end user demand and applications.

He has been a communications industry analyst, commentator and journalist since 1983, with periodic stints in the market research and service provider businesses. His current work in social media focuses on how brands can use content as part of their overall marketing efforts.

He graduated from the University of Oregon with degrees in history and management and is a member of Mensa, the international organization for people with IQs in the top two percent.

He chairs annual meetings for the Pacific Telecommunications Council and the Mobile Payments Conference. He speaks frequently at other industry meetings as well.


Latest Articles

10/22/2014 AT&T Q3 2014 Results Up 2.5 Percent, Mobile Up 5 Percent
10/22/2014 Prepaid Mobile Customers Shifting to Postpaid
10/21/2014 Verizon Q3: Mobile, Consumer Revenue Grows While Enterprise, Wholesale Decline
10/21/2014 Theft of Service is a Persistent, Widespread and Hard to Solve Issue
10/20/2014 Long-Term Implications of Universal SIM for iPad Air 2 are Unclear
10/20/2014 Despite Myriad Sports Streaming Services, Bundling Will Re-emerge
10/17/2014 Are Smartphone Buyers Choosing Devices Based on Operating System or Ecosystem?
10/17/2014 How Close are We to an OTT Video Inflection Point?
10/16/2014 CBS All Access Joins OTT Streaming Service Market
10/16/2014 SDN, NFV Gains Traction for Small Cell Backhaul
10/16/2014 Where is Netflix in Product Life Cycle?
10/15/2014 Global Cloud Xchange 'Moves up the Stack'
10/15/2014 Voice Market not Declining as Fast as Might Appear
10/15/2014 HBO Will Launch Stand-Alone US Streaming Service in 2015
10/15/2014 Enterprises Shift New Spending to Revenue Initiatives
10/14/2014 Millennials Watch 33 Percent of TV on Digital (Non-TV) Platforms
10/13/2014 Did LTE Supply Drive Demand, or Did Demand Drive Supply?
10/13/2014 Samsung Develops 10X Faster Wi-Fi
10/13/2014 AT&T Completes Austin Gigabit Upgrade Ahead of Schedule
10/13/2014 Ofcom Expects 2015 TV White Spaces Commercialization
10/13/2014 European Community Deregulates Fixed Network Voice
10/10/2014 TV White Spaces in 'All of the Above' Spectrum, Platform Future
10/10/2014 Some Revenue Sources are Hardly Worth the Effort
10/09/2014 European Commission Deregulates Fixed-Network Voice
10/09/2014 Like Free Mobile, BT, Comcast Lean on Wi-Fi for Mobile Access
10/09/2014 What Do Uber, AirBnB and Telecommunications Have in Common?
10/09/2014 EE Gets into Video
10/08/2014 How Big are the Connected Device, IoT Markets?
10/07/2014 Google Plans India-Focused Messaging App
10/06/2014 Airlines Optimistic about Mobile Impact on Operations, But Change is Slower than Expected
10/06/2014 Skype Ends Support for In-India Skype-to-PSTN Calling
10/06/2014 Sprint Layoffs are Part of a Pattern
10/06/2014 Marriott Fined for Blocking Use of Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots
10/03/2014 Triple-Play is the Strategy, Unless it Isn't
10/02/2014 Should Deutsche Telekom Rethink T-Mobile US Sale?
10/02/2014 FCC Hopes 'Millions' Will Entice TV Stations to Give Up Spectrum
10/01/2014 Mobile Equipment Installment Plans Apparently Working Out as Planned
09/30/2014 Are US ISPs & Video Providers Climbing Out of the Customer Satisfaction Cellar?
09/30/2014 At level of Rhetoric, 'Gigabit' Becomes the UK Goal
09/29/2014 How Much Will Netflix Change Video Habits in Western Europe?
09/29/2014 U.S. LTE Adoption: Early Deployment, High Adoption, 'Too Much' Success
09/26/2014 BT Test Shows 'Near-Gigabit' Speeds
09/26/2014 Verizon Communications Tower Sale Not Unique
09/25/2014 Tablet Customer Satisfaction Dips, ISP, Video Supplier Satisfaction Plummets
09/25/2014 Will 5G Repeat History of Railroads and Voice Networks?
09/24/2014 End of Europe Mobile Roaming Fees in 2016? Maybe Not
09/24/2014 AT&T OTT Venture Makes Move
09/23/2014 New Net Neutrality Rules Now Inevitable
09/22/2014 Verizon Lights more XLTE Markets
09/17/2014 HBO Inches Closer to OTT Distribution in US Market
09/16/2014 Cincinnati Bell Stakes Future on Gigabit Access
09/15/2014 Will T-Mobile US Strategy Work Long Term
09/15/2014 Will Facebook Become an ISP?
09/15/2014 Seamless Call Handoff Between Wi-Fi, Mobile Will Boost Competition
09/12/2014 AT&T Will Become the Largest U.S. WISP if DirecTV Acquisition is Approved
09/11/2014 T-Mobile Un-Carrier 7.0 is About Use of Wi-Fi
09/10/2014 Mobile Service Providers Scramble to Add Apple iPhone 6 Users
09/09/2014 Phablet Market Surprises Some: Has it Changed Apple's Thinking?
09/09/2014 Mobile Now Represents 51% of Visits to Retailer Websites
09/08/2014 US Mobile Web Browsing Relies on Wi-Fi More than Half the Time
09/08/2014 Internet Video Still Some Distance from Inflection Point
09/08/2014 Will Apple 'Pull an Apple' in Mobile Payments?
09/05/2014 Will iPhone 6 Transform the Mobile Payments Business?
09/03/2014 'Upgrade or Die' for Gigabit Access?
09/03/2014 Android One Launch Helps Solve an Old Problem
09/02/2014 America Movil in Selling Mood
09/02/2014 Any T-Mobile US Buyer Likely to Rely Substantially on 'Wi-Fi First'
09/02/2014 Tablet Market Forecast is Slashed Again
08/29/2014 T-Mobile US Would Be Sold for Any Offer of at least $35 a Share
08/28/2014 Cricket Wireless (AT&T) Launches Promotion to Attract T-Mobile US Customers
08/28/2014 Will Internet Growth in Asia be Incremental or Exponential?
08/26/2014 AT&T and Comcast Acquisition Deals May Hinge on Definition of 'Market'
08/25/2014 About 25 Percent of Internet Users Globally Watch Internet Video Each Day
08/25/2014 Thailand Abandons Effort to Create National Public Wi-Fi Network
08/25/2014 Apps Drive Smartphone, Tablet Media Consumption
08/22/2014 Vodafone: The Hunter or the Hunted?
08/21/2014 Overly-Optimistic Wireless Forecasts Affect Spectrum Policy
08/20/2014 SingTel 300-Mbps Mobile Network Passes 55 Percent of Island
08/18/2014 Ooredo Launches Mobile Service in Myanmar
08/18/2014 Smaller Ops Can Now Add Text Messaging to Customer Service
08/15/2014 VoLTE Voice Quality Better than 3G or Skype HD, Test Suggests
08/14/2014 Developing Market Service Providers Seeing Same Problems as Developed Market Ops
08/14/2014 By 2020, TV Will Be a 'Must Have' Telco Service, Globally
08/13/2014 Does Mobile Network Quality Lead to Increased Spending, Reduced Churn?
08/13/2014 Rockport, Maine Launches 100-Mbps Public-Private Internet Access Network
08/11/2014 How Much New Revenue will M2M Actually Create?
08/11/2014 Search for Growth Drives Global Carrier Acquisition
08/11/2014 Search for Growth Drives Global Carrier Acquisitiion Drives
08/08/2014 Device Sale Practices Now Temporarily Distort US Mobile Operator Revenue
08/07/2014 EE Finds People Consuming More and More Data
08/06/2014 Tablet Sales Slow Dramatically, Slow Replacement Sales, Phablets, are Issues
08/05/2014 CenturyLink Launches Symmetrical Gigabit Networks in Portions of 16 Cities
08/05/2014 Illiad Bid for T-Mobile US Is Not Yet 'Dead'
08/04/2014 Internet.org Introduces Free Mobile App Bundle in Zambia
08/04/2014 Enterprises Embrace SDN Like They Embraced Cloud: Deliberately
08/01/2014 Will the Tablet Market Be as Big as Once Thought?
08/01/2014 WISPs Say Rural Internet Access Will Suffer if New 5-GHz Rules are Imposed
07/31/2014 France's Illiad Makes Surprise Bid for T-Mobile US
07/31/2014 Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Profit Drops 44 Percent
07/31/2014 T-Mobile US Continues Successful Attack in Q2

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